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Breaking the silence of a top ten global killer: Chronic liver disease

Ochre bio, an award-winning biotechnology company, wanted to make healthy transplant livers available for patients everywhere with their technology.


The Vision: Stunning 3D Animation for Ochre Bio’s Gene Therapy for Liver Diseases

Ochre’s insight was not just to transmit that without effective therapies, the only resort for many patients remains a liver transplant.

They wanted to show that their team was committed to making healthy livers available for patients everywhere with their therapies ex-vivo.

This ambitious project sought to change industry perceptions with decades of leading genomics and drug development experience, explaining in a 3D animation video their third dimension, called deep phenotyping.

And 3DforScience took on this challenge.

Decoding liver diseases with AI: deep phenotyping

This project required explaining difficult concepts such as hepatic treatment of NASH/NAFLD fatty liver, the use of ex-vivo machines, and deep phenotyping of Ochre’s technology, which uses AI-imaging to identify “globular degeneration” in order to reprogram the hepatic mechanism.

Therefore, the team had the primary challenge to create a visual storytelling that shows their long-action combination RNAi therapies, with an engaging visual narrative with stunning 3D animations and scientific accuracy.

KNOW-HOW: 3D Animation to explain fundamental cellular changes behind chronic diseases

Because these kinds of health information concepts can be complex, we developed a solution that was amusing and simple enough for anyone to grasp, with intricacy and 3D design to match the project.

We developed an experience to aid in a better understanding of the fundamental cellular changes behind chronic diseases as we age using our cutting-edge 3D scientific animation talents and scientific knowledge. A third level of decoding is necessary to understand diseases since they are so complex.

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Looking at the breaktrough idea

Our approach, which includes 3D animations of fatty liver problems, long-acting combinations of RNAi drugs to reprogram liver therapy, and AI imaging that supports the inquiry, enables us to forge a stronger connection and enhance the overall experience.

This not only demonstrated Ochre’s medicinal possibilities but also led viewers through a 3D animation that thoroughly addressed the global problem.

Solutions applied

Hand-made conceptual styling

Modelling of illustrations and designs

3D scientific animations and recreation

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Our approach to create the best 3D animation video

As we were aware of the importance of the project, we painstakingly created a plausible plot and added 3D animation to support the main goals.

A special visual impact was produced by the flawless fusion of 3D and medical aspects.

The client’s goal was made possible thanks in large part to this narrative and the skills of our team in 3D design, medical animation, and science visualization.

Our workflow:
From concept to delivery

This is just a glimpse of our working methodology. Since the beginning of the project, our team of artists, scientists, and marketers poured in their expertise to craft an immersive virtual reality, defining and optimizing script, storyboard, layout, modelling, scientific animation, rendering, and post-production.

The final outcome

A quality solution that not only surpassed expectations but also helped to create a deep understanding of Ochre’s liver transplant perfusion technologies was produced through close cooperation and iterative feedback cycles with Ochre.
“We had a very positive experience with 3Dforscience. They were very detailed in their approach to our video and animation development, following a clear process to achieve the final product. 3DFS collaborated closely with us, investing significant effort to ensure our vision was fully realized in the video.”


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