Thanks to our scientific animation or mode of action videos you can visualize complex medical therapies, such as a pharmaceutical (MOA) mechanism of action of drugs, how a monoclonal antibody acts or concepts of molecular biology.

This is our top solution as a communication provider to visualize and explain the mode of action of pharmaceutical technologies.


Scientific illustration with highly detailed and crafted drawings make it easier to explain and share with your target audience whether if they are a scientist, medical professionals, patients or the general public. Level up your old powerpoint presentations and sharpen them up with a professional look.


Produce a stunning scientific animation loop or re-use all the developed graphics from a previous project with creative styles that can be fully integrated and embedded in your own website to enhance the impact and style of it.


Get the most of a new tool for sales teams, patient education and customer engagement with our augmented reality service to develop and customize a mobile app for showing your drug candidate in an impactful way.


Create engaging visuals and interactive content for the product page and connect with your audience providing further information about the mechanism of action and features of your drug or technology by showing several perspectives, animation, tags and much more!

  • Ideal to showcase new products at launch
  • Explain complex processes in an engaging way
  • Valuable for patient education and engagement
  • Stand out at events and increase brand awareness
  • Allows effective communication of key concepts
  • Valuable for sales teams and client engagement
  • Training medical and sales professionals


We develop virtual reality projects with impactful experiences and replicate environments that explain themselves the mechanism of action or therapies of your research.

Show your entire presentation in a unique 360 video in your website where you can explain all the information in one single slide in a compelling and visual way.


Engage visitors with stunning holographic effect, display your medical device or technology with an hyper-realistic representation of a custom made hologram model.

  • Display your product with a 360 view.
  • Explain specific modes of action by adding clickable Interaction.
  • Pick the best projection Unit (fan, piramid, box..) and see how new visitors will stop by your booth!!
  • Create a innovative company presentation for investors, clients or patients.


We help you to communicate a research project with marketing dissemination of scientific projects funded by public organizations like Horizon 2020 and other framework programmes and promote the right strategic communication to your target audience. You can find at the European Commission website – Research and Innovation – several links to guide your research communication activities:

Communicating and promoting your project

Communicating Horizon 2020 projects guidelines

#CommsWorkout webinar and FAQs.