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3DforScience is a Scientific communication company for the pharmaceutical and biotech sector. We LOVE Life Sciences.


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Why us?

  • Our team is composed by scientists, graphic artists and marketing professionals.
  • More than 10 years of experience.
  • Dozens of international projects.
  • Committed scientific accuracy.
  • Long-term partnership.
  • Specialized in Life Sciences.

People we help

  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech
  • Medical Device
  • Research centers & Universities
  • Healthcare agencies
  • CEO’S & CBO´S & CSO´S
  • Marketing & communication manager
  • Product portfolio manager
  • Medical Affairs
  • Investor & PR manager

Medical communication services

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Medical Animation Projects

peptan rousselot
Peptan | Rousselot Peptide Animation
Peptan | Rousselot Peptide
rakuten medical animation
Rakuten Medical Animation
Asp-1929 3D cell animation and mechanism of action for Rakuten Medical
mAbxience | Similarity exercise of a biosimilar
mAbxience | Similarity exercise of a biosimilar Animation
mAbxience | Similarity exercise of a biosimilar
cetacaine pharma
Cetacaine | Cetylite Animation
Cetacaine | Cetylite
portfolio sappi symbio
Sappi Symbio Animation
Sappi Symbio
sonceboz new device
SONCEBOZ | New Devices Animation
SONCEBOZ | New Devices
portfolio 3dforscience medical studio
Uniqure | miQURE Animation
Uniqure | miQURE

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Latest news

Atherosclerosis: 3D blood animation to explain it

Atherosclerosis: 3D blood animation to explain it

Blood diseases and disorders are very common among the population: from anemia to hemophilia, thrombocythemia, polycythemia vera, or eosinophilia; all of them affect some blood components. All of these diseases involve some abnormality in the plasma, one of the blood...

Insulin pump: how it works explained with 3D animation

Insulin pump: how it works explained with 3D animation

A 3D animation is a multidisciplinary tool: it can be used for entertainment, education, medical training, or marketing, among others, as we have already seen in previous articles. This is due to some of the characteristics provided by this type of format: visibility,...

BIO International Convention 2022

BIO International Convention 2022

3DforScience will assist to BIO Inernational convention 2022. there We will provide to how 3D technology affecting the biotech industry.

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Client Testimonials

Excellent team of professionals for high-end quality projects.

Institute of Biomedicine & Biotechnology of Cantabria

Luis M. – Director – Tech Transfer & Innovation Bio Incubator

I would say what 3DforSciece did for us is: making science a reality.


Elisa L. – PhD

A very professional team who knew how to capture our idea in an excellent video.


Digital Marketing Technician

Working with 3DforScience has allowed us to explain the particular mechanism of action of one of our ingredients for joint health, in a clear and intuitive way, thanks to a successful 3D video.


Product Manager, Human Health

We love the 3D scientific animation that was made, and so do all people we show it to.

Phillips Morris Science – PMI

Scientific Transparency and Verification Manager

Communication has been very pleasant and easy, either by phone, email or videoconference. The team was very kind and happy to explain the process of video creation to a non-specialist like me. They also make the best efforts to stick to short deadlines.

Hybrigenics Pharma

Project Manager – Consultant

Excellent experience working with 3Dfor Science! Very responsive and professional team helped us to create two great tools in a very short time. It is not just their technical know how, but also the time management capabilities that were key to our success.


Marketing Communications Manager

Their team is adaptable, willing to work closely with the sponsor to process unclear/changing project specifications with a great end result.


Associate Director: Strategy and Marketing

3DforScience created a great mechanism of action video for our ONCOS-102 virus – very happy with the final result! Thank you.


Project Manager

Beautiful mechanism of action video for our lead candidates Asp-1929 and IRDye 700DX made by a fantastic team. It was a pleasure working with 3DforScience team, we’d love to work with them in the future and would highly recommend their work to others.

Rakuten Medical

Associate Director, Phd

3D for Science is a great team to work with; they are flexible and still on top of the project respecting tight deadlines. We love our 3D MoA video and so does our audience!

Promethera Biosciences

Communications Manager

Great outcome and really nice animation

N4 Pharma


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