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New Virtual Reality Therapies to combat depression

Depression is a common mental health disorder characterized by persistent feelings of sadness, loss of interest in activities that were...
Virtual Space - Digital Twin

Virtual Spaces: your digital office in the Metaverse

New technologies and the digital world of the Metaverse have opened up the possibility for companies to generate impact in...

Unity vs Unreal: the best animation program

The two main real-time rendering engines used today are Unity and Unreal. These two powerful tools have been mainly used...

How to geneticize the Metaverse combining NFTs with real DNA: DNAVERSE

Metaverse and NFTs are buzzwords you have likely heard of and probably googled about -if you haven’t yet, learn more...
Virtual Reality in the medical sector

Virtual reality in the medical sector

Virtual Reality (VR) is the creation of a fictitious 3D computer-generated environment or scenario that looks real and allows us...
surgerys virtual reality goggles

Surgery’s future: virtual reality goggles

Surgeons have to combine both technical skills and academic knowledge to save people’s life. Being able to keep concentration under...
VR in scientific applications

Virtual reality in scientific applications

Virtual reality is a technology that is increasingly present in our life activities due to its potential to generate sensory...
man in a visual interactive and immersive experience

Visual interactive and immersive experiences

The immersive experience in the world of marketing is the last word in customer loyalty. If a company wants to...


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