Virtual Events in our industry. What are the benefits?

Jun 2, 2020 | Marketing

Virtual Events in our industry. What are the benefits?

Virtual events are virtual spaces that mimic trade shows, wherein with only a smartphone or laptop thousands of exhibitors and attendants can interact simultaneously without having to go to a specific place. They are the answer to an era that is all about innovation and technology. The gamification of these events encourage interpersonal relationships and enhance users’ networking. Virtual events allow participants to interact in the most similar way to reality as possible: 3D technology of the virtual words applied to the business world.

What are the benefits of 3D virtual events?

1. Cost savings

Virtual events represent a huge cost saving. Not only for the organizer, who will reduce costs on numerous elements such as staff or venue but also for the participants who won’t have to spend money on traveling or overnight stays. Organizational costs will be significantly less, meaning that you will obtain higher profit margins.

2. Ability to target an international audience

Since the location is not a fact of a matter when launching a virtual event, it is possible to launch a global event and thus reach an international audience simultaneously. As the organization of virtual events is relatively cheap, it will give you the possibility to organize many events throughout the year. In this way, you will maintain the loyalty of your audience, as well as strengthen their organic growth.

3. Enhance your networking

As we have just commented, virtual events give you the possibility to organize a greater number of events. This does not only mean a loyal audience, but it will also allow you to target a greater audience. Therefore, these events will help you boost your networking.

Contrary to popular beliefs, virtual events are more than a mere online conference. They allow you to interact with the attendees, create relationships and interact just as it occurs with face-to-face meetings.

4. An improvement in data accessibility

One of the biggest struggles with face-to-face events is the inability to retain all the gathered data accurately. The technology used in these types of events offers you the possibility to record all the information and analyze it with the greatest precision. Additionally, such technology is the perfect tool to control metrics and participation.

Host your first virtual event

In recent times and due to the challenges the COVID-19 disease has exposed us to, virtual events have become the only means to carry out events within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. In 3DforScience, we are committed to these industries and want companies within this sector to continue communicating effectively. That is why we want to continue creating scientific events and trade shows and thus, we have found the ways to do.

With us, you would be able to host scientific events wherein the attendants will be able to virtually walk around a trade show, see the different booths, watch MOA animation videos of a new drug or technology, interact with each other and much more!

 Would you like to host a virtual event? Contact us! We would love to create this digital experience for you and assist you in the different possibilities that it exists.


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