Lubrizol Dawnergy | 3D Skin Animation for cosmetics and dermatology



Within Lubrizol Skin Essentials, Lipotec specializes in the development of peptides, biotechnological molecules, botanical extracts and delivery systems for its application in cosmetics.


3DforScience team translated the concepts and ideas of the Lubrizol team into images in a comprehensive way and created a stylized 3D skin animation.

Skin complexion varies through different moments of the day due to the biological rhythms and tends to present  worse condition in the early morning compared to noontime.

Inside each cell, there is a natural alarm clock, the JARID1a protein, which activates the “clock genes” in its nucleus. DAWNERGY peptide increases the amount of JARID1a in the early morning so that they reach late morning levels, thus advancing cellular awaking. Also it provides an energizing effect on skin cells and has evident anti-fatigue effects even after a night out.

Improves skin microcirculation and reduces under-eye bags. Meanwhile, its rejuvenating effects reduce the visibility of wrinkles and increase the radiance of the complexion.

Lipotec is using the generated visual content of the cosmetic animation and desing to cover all their needs at their corporate booth in several healthcare events like Incosmetics Global.