Fixaprost by THEA | Eye drops 3D animation

Project Fixaprost by THEA | Eye drops 3D animation



Thea Laboratories is an ophthalmology company with more projection in Europe, being a big example of innovation, development, and marketing in its sector. Of French origin, this laboratory currently has a strong international presence with a total of 20 subsidiaries throughout Europe and more than 600 employees worldwide.


From our offices, we began to create a 3D scientific animation video based on the mechanism of action of Fixaprost, hypotensive eyedrops composed by two actives, Latonol and Timolol, which together reduce the intraocular pressure in patients with open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension that respond insufficiently to topical Beta-blockers or prostaglandin analogs.

3DforScience develop an entire eye 3D animation for Fixaprost eye drops

Showing the properties of this eye drops by a 3D animation

In addition to being the first and only existing treatment with these two active ingredients, it has no preservatives as it remains stable at room temperature thanks to the Protiaxin matrix, patented by the THEA laboratory itself and recreated by 3DforScience’s team in an eye 3d animation

As there is a high volume of aqueous humor in the anterior chamber when it is not eliminated correctly, the intraocular pressure increases. The double-action of Fixaprost intervenes directly in the mechanisms related to the development of glaucoma. On the one hand, Latanoprost increases the output of fluid through the uveoscleral route while Timolol decreases the production of aqueous humor. In this way, the intraocular pressure decreases, thus slowing the progression of glaucoma.

eye 3D animation for eye drops

An attractive and entertainingly eye drops animation

In 3Dforscience we work every day to create 3D scientific animations that can explain abstract concepts step by step by attractively and entertainingly, to improve scientific communication and reach a greater number of patients who are aware of their diseases.

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