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CLIENT: Bioiberica is a global Life Science company committed to improving people, animal and plant health and well-being. Their core business is the identification, extraction and development of animal-derived biomolecules, which are transformed into high quality products for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, veterinary, feed and agricultural industries.

SERVICE: From 3DforScience, we produced a medical 3D animation explaining the importance of Bioiberica’s product called b-2Cool® which is a natural ingredient that provides native type II collagen. Native Type II collagen is the central structural protein of cartilage and makes it more resistant to stress and stiffness.

Bioiberica b2cool


Since 1975, Bioiberica has demonstrated its firm commitment to people’s health. In these four decades, they have specialized in research, development, production, and marketing of high therapeutic and biological value biomolecules of animal origin.

What is b-2Cool®?

b-2Cool® is a next generation collagen ingredient. Researched and developed from natural-origin, it supplies native (undenatured) type II collagen to support joint health at doses as low as 40 mg/day; meeting rising consumer demand for effective and convenient product formats. Native type II collagen is the core structural protein of cartilage and makes it more resistant to tension and stiffness. Some joint disorders that cause inflammation and erosion of the cartilage, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, may produce an autoimmune response against the body’s own endogenous native type II collagen that is present in the cartilage.

B2Cool medical collagen

b-2Cool® present in another top product from Bioiberica Condrovet® Force HA

Bioiberica has also started developing a range of chondroprotector products for dogs and cats with osteoarthritis, Condrovet Force HA– composed of a mix of high quality ingredients.

3DforScience contributions to the b-2Cool® project

condrovet force ha bioiberica

As we have seen in this post, 3DforScience has produced two 3D animation videos for Bioiberica. One to reproduce the great importance of their product b-2Cool® used among their Human Health products and a second one to explain the presence of b-2Cool in their product Condrovet® Force HA, used within their Animal Health products. These two projects are a clear example of the number of benefits that are obtained from a 3D animation video.

Our client did not only initially get two cutting-edge animations but also an enormous amount of material that was later re-used to produce the animation of Condrovet®. This meant a much cheaper second animation, and a great amount of material that can be utilized across multiple channels within the marketing campaign of Bioberica. Would you like to bring your scientific messaging to life? Contact us. We would love to help you create something unique.

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