MOA: Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia (ARVD)

7 Minutes



CLIENT: Asociación Española de Enfermos con DAVD- DAI is a non-profit association, which aims to help the maximum number of people affected by rare pathologies related with the heart. The members of the association carry out all collaborations in a totally altruistic way, with the only purpose of helping and sharing the knowledge about these pathologies.

arrhythmogenic dysplasia

SERVICE: From 3DforScience, we produced a 3D animation to explain the importance of Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia (ARVD). ARDV is a genetic disease associated with sudden cardiac death, affecting subjects in the 3rd and 4th decade of life. Despite great efforts made in order to improve its early diagnosis, ARVD remains as a major public health problem in Europe and America.

DESCRIPTION: As all of our videos, the first step was to elaborate a script that was the skeleton of the video, it contained the main points that needed to be represented within the video. This ranged from how the disease is generated to how the problem can be solved with a defibrillator.

Then we proceed to work on the storyboard in which all the scenes are transformed into images so the client can have an insight on how the final visualization is going to look like. Here we represented a sketch of the heart, with all its respective cells breaking apart and being replaced by fat, leading to a deformed tissue.

ventricular dysplasia

Nevertheless, it is not till the visualization phase when magic happens. Within the visualization, we can distinguish the heart in high-detail. The fat cells needed to be correctly placed to appreciate the shape of the heart.

Last but not least, it comes to the animation. The key part here was to visually represent a beating heart that first was covered by fat and then was defibrillated.

arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia

Through this 3D animation video, we successfully achieved to represent the goal of this video, which was to explain the underlying pathology of arrhythmogenic dysplasia, how it can be treated and why prevention is key.

As our commitment to Science and the healthcare industry, 3DforScience created this animation video to generate awareness about the disease and let people know there is an association where people affected from Arrhythmogenic Dysplasia can seek for help. We are always seeking to collaborate with companies and reach a larger audience, through our communication tools.


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