Virtual reality in scientific applications

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Virtual reality is a technology that is increasingly present in our life activities due to its potential to generate sensory immersion. It is the new era of virtual reality in scientific applications.

What VR can do in healthcare companies


The pharmaceutical industry is looking for new ways to have more advanced research, meet production standards, and thus be able to solve problems quickly.

In addition, they are looking for ways in which they can innovate in their communication channels, to position themselves as technological leaders within their market.

It is clear that many companies in the sector are beginning to see the potential of virtual reality (along with other technologies that have been developed in parallel, such as augmented reality), but what can it offer in this sector? Keep reading.

Virtual reality allows people to look beyond a computer screen and in companies in the pharmaceutical sector, this implies entering a world where they can see small molecules, proteins and interact with them. It enables scientists to identify potential drug molecules and optimize everything most efficiently.

It is very important to be able to visualize it in this way since it offers a complete vision of its structure and this helps to see how they interact with each other, touching, moving, turning… And it also makes it much more real.

Virtual reality in medicine

  • By allowing work with simulated safe environments, this method is used in many phases of the pharmacological process, but also the medical field.
  • In some hospitals, it is used in surgery. This is known as precision virtual reality and is used for virtually the body of a patient before the operation.
  • Overcome phobias and fears. By allowing any environment or situation to be generated, it is used as a treatment for phobias and trauma, as well as disorders such as autism or Asperger’s, without endangering the patient.
  • Simulation for medical training. It is a safe way for patients for medical students to test their knowledge and skills, in real situations. It is also used to research and develop new intervention techniques.


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The Renaissance of Digital Marketing in MedTech

The Renaissance of Digital Marketing in MedTech

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