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One more year, the European Project Horizon 2020 is here to help various Research and Innovation projects in terms of exposure and communications.

But first things first.

What is Horizon 2020?

Horizon 2020 is the largest EU Research and Innovation program worldwide, with nearly €80 billion of funding available over seven years (2014 to 2020). Thanks to this program, more breakthroughs and discoveries are possible, and cutting-edge ideas are brought from the lab to the market.

This year, Horizon 2020 wants to support your project and help you to reach a larger audience. To accomplish this, the organization has opened a communication channel across its network of social media to complement applicants’ outreach activities.

This aims to build up a new portfolio of project videos that showcase the impact that EU funded projects have on our daily lives. Your video could appear in the following social media networks and gain an enormous exposure:

How can you participate?

To be able to access the program, you will have to make a video of a maximum of three minutes explaining the impact your research has, or could potentially have, within the society. Such a video needs to be targeted to a general audience.

The video should include a background or outline of a societal challenge and showcase how your research is going to overcome or improve such a difficulty. Once this video is created, you will have to upload it on YouTube using as a Title the Project Acronym + description (e.g BINGO, Bringing INnovation to onGOing water management) and provide a short description of the theme/content.

Requesting EU funded R

Besides, you will have to acknowledge EU funding by stating the Project ID number and include information about the program you received funding for (FP6, FP7, Horizon 2020, etc.)

To ensure the video has been uploaded properly, we recommend sending the organization an email to [email protected].

You will need to include the following in your email:

  • a link to your video on YouTube
  • the Project Acronym
  • a short title/description of the theme, content
  • the Project ID e.g. Project ID: 123456

Are you looking for help to create this video?

In 3DforScience, we work according to The EU guide to communication, and thus we know how you can best communicate your project. As experts in scientific communication and medical animation videos, we would like to help you in this promising project and create a video for you that showcase your project and add value to it for gaining greater exposure. We have extensive knowledge of creating cutting-edge videos to explain your science in a clear, concise, and engaging way. Also, we always ensure to create compelling storytelling pitched at the right level for the target audience. If you wish to know more information about how to succeed in your candidature in Horizon 2020, do not hesitate to contact us.

horizon 2020 medical videos

For more information, visit this link.


3DforScience is a scientific communication company specialized in digital content for the pharma and biotech industries. Our passionate creative team works alongside an in-house scientific team to provide cutting-edge medical animations, scientific illustrations, virtual reality, etc.

Our extensive experience within the field ensures all the content we produce is scientifically accurate, innovative, engaging, and pitched at the right level for the target audience.

Are you looking to create a video for Horizon 2020? Contact us. We would love to help you create something unique.

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