Interactive applications in medicine

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What is an interactive application?

An interactive app term may be applied to a wide range of applications. Put it simply, it is an application that allows users to interact with audiovisual information via gamification, visualization, and even VR/AR. Every app has some interactivity.

Medical Applications

Medical applications (apps) for smartphones and tablet computers are becoming more numerous and commonly used in health care. In this context, there is a need for a diverse community of application users, medical researchers, and application developers to better understand the application landscape. Interactive media, when properly distributed on all platforms, attract a large audience. This includes medical simulation and multimedia science. Connect with your audience to get their full attention – on any device – with the seamless viewing of your medical website’s development content and interactive presentations.

When viewers participate in interactive content, they are more likely to understand the concepts and become a vital support for any organization and its efforts.

Medical marketing has advanced from surgical training to patient education, taking advantage of the new technological capabilities of mobile devices. Through the interactive applications, you allow all the health personnel to work together, to help the patient by offering a quality experience through the mobile device and using the latest technologies.

doctor using a medical interactive application in tablet

An interactive medical app allows:

  • Telemedicine
  • Artificial Intelligence, AI
  • Adherence
  • Patient follow-up
  • Patient Safety
  • Teleassistance
  • Communication between the medical team
  • Integration of different intelligent devices to obtain different data
  • Management of shifts, time and tasks of the health professional
  • Internal process control
  • Statistical calculations to improve different fields of medicine

Some ideas about the use of medical applications:

  1. Patient experience

Many patients, especially children, feel anxious about visiting a hospital or other health care facility. For them, it can be helpful to see a 360-image of the reception area or treatment room before the visit.

  1. Medical vocabulary

Starting from the basics, learning the names of the different medical equipment is part of clinical training.

interactive application to recognize different medical equipment

  1. Educational videos

The main benefit of annotating educational videos for medical and health care training is the ability to provide students visual learning experience with instant access to additional information at various stages of the video.

  1. Virtual tours of laboratories and treatment rooms

Virtual lab tours, similar to virtual campus tours, are one of the most popular and immediately useful application areas of interactive media in medical training.   A single image can include use instructions,  instructional videos, for each of the appliances in the room.

Why invest in an interactive medical application?

– Well designed, visually rich interactive experiences increase visitor traffic and participation at medical congress exhibition booths.

-Customers are more likely to remember your content when you offer them an engaging experience, compared to passive booth materials.

Interactive applications facilitate experiential learning, which is more effective than didactic learning from a video, lecture, or oral presentation.

Specialized visual materials can be reused in multiple communication channels, including the Internet and publications

-Allows you to gain valuable insight into your clients’ knowledge of your therapeutic approach You can analyze engagement, including user responses, and help you measure return on investment.


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