How improve your brand’s image in virtual congresses with 3D

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Two years ago it would be unthinkable to present your innovative pharmaceutical product or your revolutionary biotech technology in form of a virtual audience instead of traveling worldwide to assist the most important congresses in your field

Usual congresses activities as giving seminars to your potential clients in a conference room, talking about your products in your booth’s desk, or discussing your latest R&D advances in a poster session belong to the past since the pandemic changed our lives. 

Nevertheless, the boom of pharma/biotech virtual meetings due to the pandemic made the companies look for solutions to improve their online brand’s image. 3D technologies are powerful tools that can be used to boost scientific communication to a virtual audience

Design visual-attractive slide presentations by using 3D illustrations

Before the pandemic, congress seminars were key to impress your audience, not only with the slide’s content but also with the way to transmit your message. Nevertheless, nowadays the visual content of the presentations has become key to improve scientific communication and, therefore, the impact of the talk on your online audience. 

3D illustrations or 3D animation videos will help you to design visual-attractive slide presentations in your online meetings to get the attention of your virtual audience as well as improving the understanding of the key messages of your product/technology. 

For instance, this 3D illustration helps to visualize how ions penetrate the channels in the neuronal membrane to facilitate electric signal transmission. 

Virtual booths: a unique experience in your virtual meetings

Virtual booths are another example of how 3D technologies can be used in virtual congresses to impress your audience. In 3DforScience we offer these solutions to invite your exhibitors, partners, sponsors, and speakers to a unique experience. Virtual booths are powerful tools to organize the best professional meeting or virtual exhibition to showcase your brand and product more innovatively. 

virtual congresses with 3D

In this example, people can dive into the booth with interactive buttons that will allow, for instance, to play a corporative 3D animation video presenting the company or to get more information about a specific product.

congresses with 3D scientific congresses

Another possibility of these booths is to have a training room where your potential clients can get more information about the latest R&D advances of your company just by clicking on the different virtual posters. 

different virtual posters

Moreover, there can be also a conference room where you can easily hold your slides presentations visually improved with 3D illustrations or 3D animation videos. 

Therefore, virtual booths are the best way to stand your company out on others online and to create a huge impact on your potential clients. In 3DforScience we will be pleased to help you to achieve this goal.

How 3DforScience can help to improve your impact in virtual congresses?

3DforScience is a scientific communication company specialized in visual content for the life science sector. We are a passionate creative team of scientists, marketers, artists, and animators with a shared aim: to help you improve your scientific communication with innovative and unique creative solutions. 

We can improve your brand’s image and the impact of your company in online congresses by designing unique creative solutions as 3D animation videos or illustrations and virtual booths to facilitate the communication of science in these meetings. 

Would you like to bring your scientific messaging to life? Contact us. We would be pleased to provide you with a unique creation.

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