Email Marketing for pharma companies? What is it about, and why must the content be personalized?

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In the current digital era, the significance of email marketing for pharma companies cannot be overstated. As pharmaceutical companies increasingly utilize this strategy to connect with their audience, the need for more than just mass emails becomes apparent. This article delves into the crucial role of personalized content within email marketing strategies for pharma companies.

The Role of Email Marketing in Pharma

Email marketing is crucial for pharmaceutical companies, offering a direct channel to interact with patients, healthcare professionals, and stakeholders. However, with email inboxes becoming saturated, personalized content has become essential to capture attention and generate meaningful interactions.

We are at a point where, as users, if the first 3–4 words of an email subject line don’t grab our attention, we’ll ignore it completely, which has a crucial impact on everything else. Unfortunately, many companies are not recognizing the fundamental importance of this first step.

The Power of Personalized Email Content

Personalization is key to successful email marketing campaigns in the pharmaceutical industry. Tailoring content to the preferences and individual needs of recipients enhances engagement and fosters a deeper connection. For example, a pharmaceutical company can segment healthcare professionals by specialty, providing educational resources and updates on relevant treatments. Additionally, using words like the recipient’s name, the company, or organization they belong to, and their specialty increases the chances of it being appealing enough for them to decide to read it.

Segmentation Strategies for Effective Email Personalization

Segmentation is essential for delivering personalized content that resonates with different audience segments. By categorizing subscribers based on demographics, behaviors, and preferences, pharmaceutical companies can design specific campaigns. This requires learning through testing with segmentations until achieving an optimal database to which information is sent regularly and, above all, updated to ensure its viability. Companies related to the sector are already taking these actions to achieve their goals.

At 3DforScience, as a scientific communication agency, we use segmentation to tailor content by specialties, geographic areas, and even company sizes to create messages that resonate with the interests of potential clients, achieving greater success. The following images show some examples:



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Differentiating Elements of Success

Considering the brief time we have to capture the audience’s attention, your email strategy must be impactful, direct, relevant, and effectively expressed. We suggest maintaining these elements and structure in your email communications to maximize their potential:

  • Use images: incorporating visual representations in your messages will always be more effective than plain text. You can combine images with diagrams or even use infographics to provide greater clarity.
  • Highlight text: take advantage of the use of highlighted words, so the audience can easily identify the main idea with a quick read.
  • Employ compelling calls to action: Ensure that links and buttons are strategically placed throughout the message, especially at the beginning or middle, as not everyone will make it to the end of the text.
  • Concise ideas: remember, you’re not writing a scientific article; brevity and clarity are key to effectively conveying your idea.

Additionally, if you’re looking for inspiration to design the structure of your emails, we recommend exploring websites like Really Good Emails. On this site, you can find examples of effective communications in different industries, which will help you prepare to create your own.

Case Studies and Ideas for your Email Marketing Strategy

According to a PharmaVOICE study, personalized email campaigns have been shown to increase open rates by up to 26% and click-through rates by 14%. The Marketing Profs article titled “How to Use Personalization to Elevate Your Email Marketing Strategy offers advice and best practices on using personalization in email campaigns to improve marketing strategy through list segmentation and content adaptation based on subscribers’ interests and behaviors. It also mentions the use of automation and tracking key metrics to continuously optimize the email marketing strategy and maintain relevance for the audience.

In conclusion, personalized content is crucial for pharmaceutical email marketing. By leveraging segmentation strategies and delivering relevant content, companies can deepen engagement, build trust, and increase conversions. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, adapting personalization is essential for pharmaceutical companies to stay ahead in the competitive market. 

If you need help creating impactful communications for your pharmaceutical company, we invite you to visit 3DforScience. We specialize in creating communication elements such as illustrations, 3D animations, and other visuals that can give your email sends a unique touch.

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