Digital transformation in pharmaceutical industry

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Digital transformation in the pharma industry has started.

It is known that compared to other industries, pharma and biotech companies have traditionally been adopting emerging technologies at a slower pace. This is mainly because the pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated, has strong intellectual property constraints, and well-known conservative culture. But good news. This is changing.

Digital transformation in pharmaceutical industry

New technologies like Augmented & Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing or Big Data are similarly transforming the healthcare sector that transforms other industries across the globe.

The main pharma players know this is an excellent opportunity to begin to integrate digital road maps into their strategies. So being conscious of new emerging business models, pharma companies are starting to provide digitized products and services to differentiate their drugs against competitors.

So it´s no longer about the drug alone, it is far beyond than that, it is about experience and services as well.

Have COVID-19 boosted digital trends in pharma?

According to Statista since the coronavirus outbreak the online traffic on pharmaceutical companies has risen by 35%. So nobody needs to be told that COVID-19 has created new paradigms. The upcoming crisis may be seen as a great opportunity to digitalize entire ecosystems.

Mark Valdiviezo, the VP Strategy and Applied Digital Transformation in Indegene stated during eyeofpharma Barcelona – which this year took place virtually due to Covid outbreak- that this crisis will lead to a digital reset in pharma industry. “Make sure you keep the customer experience in mind. Remember what the actual end goal is. Make sure that with these different restrictions and regulations, you still deliver something of high value to your customers.” This reset will redefine how industry engages with customers physically, digitally, or both at the same time.

Virtual reality pharmaceutical

Patients and innovative communication strategies

Patients are empowered. Trends are showing that patients are increasingly visiting healthcare companies websites for medical information about products and therapies.

According to Accenture research76% of patients think that pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to provide information and services that help patients to manage their health.

So It is vital to ensure that information about drugs and therapies reach patients properly. One of the best ways to do it is through 3d animation videos which can explain difficult processes and therapies in a basic and educational way. If you want to learn more about how 3d animation videos can boost your marketing strategy check our blog.

Pharmaceutical industry

New technologies to engage HCPs

Traditional techniques for interacting with senior doctors don´t work as well for millennial doctors. These upcoming new generations are widely open and fascinated about new communication channels, especially visuals.

So deploying digital channels and visuals into marketing strategies is an efficient way to strengthen HCPs engagement.


The digital revolution is changing the rules of the game in the healthcare industry. The early movers are already focusing on enhancing their digital strategies by using new communication channels and technologies such as virtual reality or holograms.

As in other fields, there is no single template to guarantee success in this new era. Nevertheless, the main leaders in the healthcare industry agree that investing in medical digital marketing is crucial more than ever.

So do you want to know how your company can take advantage of digital innovations?

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