6 Tips for boosting sales in healthcare

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Certainly, there is no proven formula for success within healthcare sales. But, in 3DforScience but we can boost your sales in the healthcare sector.

Traditionally pharmaceutical industry delays in adopting innovative marketing tactics. For this reason, it is a great opportunity to differentiate your brand and implement some innovations to stay ahead of the industry.

The healthcare ecosystem is becoming extremely competitive. So if you do not have a modern sales & marketing strategy your brand will suffer. Hence, from 3DforScience we encourage you to check these tips to boost your sales.

1. (Valuable) content is the king

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are continuously overpowered with dozens of materials from sales representatives. They don’t have time to read such amount of data. So it is important to give HCPs what they want, valuable content that could be overviewed in a glance. One good approach to do this is through medical illustrations. So instead of reading dull and endless medical texts, they can understand the mechanism of action of your drug or how it works your technology very quickly.

Real-time saver. Doctors will thank you.

2. Focus on the patient

 Now more than ever, it is crucial for your company to be customer-driven.

According to Dr. David Nash, Dean of the Jefferson Medical University School of Population Health, “The most disruptive action a pharma company can take is to trump the competition with new and more effective tools to educate the patient. It’s very simple: the most sensible investment is one which will contribute to making patients better consumers of medicine”.

So in simple words: connect with patients through education. Patients are empowered and demand good quality content. Through educational scientific videos that transform complex scientific concepts into visual graphics, you can keep your patients updated and well-informed about your drugs.

Boosting sales in healthcare

3. Explore new communication channels

Social media is getting an increasingly powerful role in the customer health journey.

There are some interesting insights we can look at:

  • Approximately 40% of healthcare users admit that the info they find in social media affects the way they handle their health. Source(Mediabistro).
  • According to Searchenginewatch , 90% of people (18-24 years old) claimed they would trust healthcare information shared by others on their social media.

Social media can be considered as a new customer service channel where patients expect an immediate and human response and allow health organizations to listen and engage with patients for improving transparency and authenticity.

So the Pharma industry has a great chance to use social media as a way to better listen, join in discussions, and engage with patients in ways that cannot be satisfied during clinical interaction.

There is no option of not having a social media strategy nowadays. Adding to this, younger doctors, especially digital-native ones, prefer to get updated from sales reps through digital channels – especially with mobile devices. So combining this digital emerging trends mixed with face-to-face communication techniques is an excellent strategy to improve engagement rates with doctors.

4. Proper education for your sales team

It is crucial to develop a training plan to ensure your sales team has the resources and is educated enough to cultivate good relationships with KOLs and support HCPs and in turn patients. Through visual and interactive presentations you can ensure your sales team understands the message clearly. Make it visual and transform complexity into simplicity. So level up your presentation through 3d animations and stunning illustrations.

5. Stay on Top of Industry Trends. Be remembered

Do you want to wow your leads in congress and tradeshows? Using VR is THE TOOL.

Attract visitors to your booth and explain your technology in an immersive way. By using this kind of technology your brand will be remembered as an innovative one and you will keep ahead on industry trends.

sales in healthcare

6. Interact with online patient communities

Connecting with Patient Organizations can give you access to a whole targeted audience that would have otherwise been close off. So taking influent patient leaders into account could be a game-changer in your healthcare marketing plan.

Providing educational resources and keeping your brand opened to engage with patients is a perfect way to build trust and gain transparency.

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