CoolMPS™ Sequencing Technology by MGI Americas

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CLIENT: MGI Americas is a member of the BGI Group of companies, one of the world’s largest genomics organizations. As the leading manufacturer and developer of BGI’s proprietary NGS instrumentation, MGI provides comprehensive products and services for genetic analysis within the Life Science research.

With the mission to develop and commercialize advanced life science tools for future healthcare, they are devoted to bringing innovative equipment and solutions to their customers and advancing precision medicine, agriculture, and healthcare around the world.

SERVICE: From 3DforScience, we produced a cutting-edge 3D scientific animation to explain comprehensively and effectively the Next-Generation Sequencing technology called CoolMPS™.


CoolMPS is a new sequencing technology developed by MGI.

One of the innovative futures this tool introduces is the unlabelled natural bases, also known as cold nucleotides. Instead, they are labeled by specific antibodies, obtaining more accurate and long reads, as compared to regular NGS chemistry.

The first step for the 3DforScience team is to analyze and to understand how CoolMPS technology works and the characteristics of its technology. After reviewing all the information and scientific references of NGS, we began to understand the potential of this innovative sequencing technology and the benefits as compared to other sequencing technologies.

Once we achieved this, the client’s briefing is conceptualized through a script wherein the key messages to be transmitted are narrated. This information must be clear for both the scientific and the creative team, so the latest one can start sketching the project.


The development of the CoolMPS animation started with hand drawings and, consequently, each scene was made in 3D images. We had the handicap that MGI has a previous animation related to this technology visualizing their DNA Nanoballs and, thus, we wanted to be coherent with that one and reuse some concepts for a better understanding.

We visualized every single relevant step of the technology. First, we visualized the molecular level in high-detail. Consequently, we aimed to show in a big-picture what happens over the array where DNA Nanoballs are, and the interaction between the elements involved.

Once the sketch is ready and it is approved by the client, it is time to translate it into unique 3D models.


The most relevant elements in this technology are the unlabelled bases, the labeled element here is the antibody that can be customized with a variable number of molecules. We wanted to highlight and show that with this technology 1st or 4th cycle. It will leave the last base without a scar, and this is the reason for higher signals and reproducibility.

By understanding step by step the client’s technology and translating it from an idea to sketches; from sketches to 3D images and from 3D images to animations of each scene, we obtained a cutting-edge  3D animation video. We achieved to explain the CoolMPS technology, making the scientific messaging clear, concise, and engaging, as well as adding value to it.



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