The potential of augmented reality in medical education and training

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AR is a current trend in medical education.

Nowadays tablets, mobile phones, AR glasses, and other optimized devices can be employed as hardware for running AR applications. Historically, the development of AR starts in the 1960s, but the term “augmented reality” was established in 1990. In 3DforScience we are committed to augmented reality as a marketing and teaching tool.

The increase in the use of AR in medicine came along with the technological advances that made it available and useful. Nowadays, AR is used widely in the clinical setting, providing extra information for the clinician during interventional procedures (CT/MRI guidance, visualization of paths), but it is also applied in the educational world.

Anatomy, with the 3D visualization of hardly comprehensible structures, and physiology, with the representation of mechanisms in 4D (in space and time dimensions), are the main areas of interest. In 3DforScience we develop all augmented reality solutions for companies interested in take their commitment to the next level

The AR technology can improve the learning process

Not only does AR have the ability to enhance education and training, but can also lead to better outcomes in patient care. Authors were able to determine that AR increased the speed at which students learned and made the learning process easier. When used in training, AR was found to decrease the amount of time needed for practice, provided trainers an outlet for assessment, and increased success rates.

If training people with no prior medical experience can be made easier and more effective using AR, there are numerous areas in which ARAs could be developed to aid in patient education.

AR has been discussed in numerous journals regarding its impact on medical training and how it functions in medical and surgical procedures. As described above, AR has many benefits when studying or applying medical knowledge, and the 3DforScience team gives due consideration to this innovative tool that has been used in recent years in various industries, with special emphasis on the health sciences.


Identifying this new technology as a learning tool is very important today, to make it available to students, as well as to demonstrate its use to teachers as it could help revolutionize medical education. It may not be the most comfortable or usual method of study but it is the tool that brings you the greatest benefits and facilitates the learning of such complex subjects as medical disciplines.

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