Benefits of a virtual booth

Oct 9, 2020 | Marketing

Benefits of a virtual booth

A virtual booth is a space within a larger virtual event. The aim is to generate meaningful conversations with attendees. A variety of assets can be displayed. These include static text, logos, banners, video, and even chatbots. The virtual booth may be 3D or page-based design. Either way, the attendee can engage directly with the exhibitor. Conversations can be instant, a contact form, or simply be a link to more. Often, virtual booth exhibitors will host live discussions or demos.

Virtual Booth is perfect for:

online conferences, summits, conventions, webinars & more.

Between the benefits that you obtain from a Virtual Booth you will find:

-Boost your online visibility by creating an immersive Virtual Booth.

-Easily upload to your website and social media for maximum reach.

-Virtual Booth Experiences enable your business to present your product range in the form of an interactive online experience.

– It is an innovative tool that can be shared with your clients via email to give a real-life experience of your product range on a virtual platform.

An online booth is a game-changer when exhibiting physically is not an option.

Is the use of a virtual booth effective?

Of course, it is effective. Here are a few reasons to use a booth virtual:

First of all, you get more potential customers: having a virtual stand not only means presence, but you can connect with your customers before, during, and after the marketing of your product.

It allows presence not only during an event: going through the virtual route means you have a lasting presence. Where in person is a moment in time, the virtual can last longer.

Virtual is less expensive: even if it is less usual to invest in a booth virtually it is probably a less expensive effort. You save many factors including, logistics and travel to the event.

Ability to connect: Typically, a booth will include a live chat or even a live demonstration. Making it easier for attendees to ask questions. Also, there is something less frightening in the virtual than in the physical.

Through the virtual booth, you have a greater reach to your audience: one of the main benefits of being virtual is the reach. More people can attend. This means more virtual traffic to your virtual trade show booth.

Explore the possibilities of the booth.

Well,  so you can ask yourself what can I do with this booth. Let us tell you some features which will be interesting to you.

Our virtual booth allows you to:

Insert your videos and visuals on virtual screens. Either a corporate video to introduce your company or streaming videos for webinars, our virtual screens can be adapted for every visual content you need to display.

Visualize and download your posters and publications. Share your latest scientific materials easily. Allow your audience to download your scientific publications.

Give a guided tour to your audience. Take the control and guide your audience with virtual tour while you can communicate them with your webcam.

Integrate external contents to promotion your company´s pipeline. Embed your website url or make other contents accessible and downloadable like your company power points, videos or pictures of your drug´s pipeline.

Interact with your medical device through Augmented Reality. Wow your clients!

Move easily between different rooms and places.

Create audio-guided tours. Very customizable hotspots for educational or marketing purposes which can be presented along with audio guided tours for explaining your drug´s MoA or your latest scientific breakthroughs. Learning never was so easy.

Embed this virtual booth in your website very easily. To visit and interact with your booth, user only needs usual web navigator. Our booth is compatible with most of the web navigators (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) and with different devices (PC, tablet, mobile).

With the virtual booth, you can invite your exhibitors, partners, sponsors and speakers to a unique experience. Organize your best professional meeting or virtual exhibition with your brand. With all the personalized scenarios with last generation digital tools, which allow you to present your product in a more innovative way.

This is only one of our  interactive experiences  ready to impact and engage your audience.


3D for Science

Is a scientific communication company specialized in digital content for the pharma and biotech industries. Our passionate creative team, works alongside an in-house scientific team to provide cutting-edge medical animations, scientific illustrations, virtual reality, etc.

Our extensive experience within the field ensures all the content we produce is scientifically accurate, innovate, engaging, and pitched at the right level for the target audience. Wold you like to bring your scientific messaging to life? Contact us. We would love to help you create something unique.


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