PolyHeal Micro | Wound Healing Animation | Reactivating the healing process



Praxis Pharmaceutical is a privately-owned company, oriented towards highly innovative and break-through medicines, aimed to change the standard of care in the hospital field and adding a real value to clinical practice.


At 3DforScience we conceptualize and design a 3D wound healing animation explaining the MoA of this nanoparticle with a detail representation of its physicochemical properties.

Praxis Pharmaceutical develop and manufacture PolyHeal Micro. An innovative product based on Negatively Charged Microspheres (NCM) Technology.

PolyHeal Micro mechanism of action accelerates the healing process through fast production of healthy granulation tissue and rapid re-epithelization rates, thus stimulating the key-wound bed cells. Moreover, is a single use, sterile suspension that is easy to apply by physicians, nurses, care takers, patient’s family members or the patients themselves.