Uses of 3D animation videos for medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies

Dec 15, 2020 | Marketing

Uses of 3D Animation videos for medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies

3D animation videos is playing an increasingly important role in the healthcare industry. More and more medical professionals are realizing the benefits that 3D medical animation can bring in the areas of education, marketing, and patient communication.

Improved technology has also played a key role in the growing prevalence of medical animation videos. Thanks to these technical advances, it is now easier and more cost-effective than ever to obtain high-quality animations to explain complex healthcare issues.

Medical animation is expected to continue to gain popularity as technology continues to enable new applications. 3D animation is bringing value to the healthcare field in a variety of ways, and many of these benefits have only recently been realized. Medical companies, in the various stages of their product development, regularly create 3D animations and explanatory videos for the audience of investors, business partners, doctors, medical professionals and, of course, the final target audience, all of whom need the new technologies and have a need for focused, clear and captivating information.

The need for accurate information and explanatory videos in medicine extends to many areas, marketing instructions, target audience, regulatory restrictions and more. 3D animation offers pharmaceutical companies an excellent solution to simulate the activity of the human body, and thus be able to understand its physiology and anatomy more easily.

Different uses of 3D animation

3D animation videos are used by medical Start-up companies

Start-up companies are some of the companies that use 3D animation videos to demonstrate the product to an audience of investors, raise capital and continue the development of the product.  Presenting a medical video at the beginning of the project is a challenge because start-up companies often do not have the final product. What interests them most is to present a high level and quality concept to describe the health issues accurately.

3D animations to share information with doctors and medical professionals

One of the biggest challenges facing pharmaceutical companies is sharing knowledge with other professionals. 3D animation can facilitate this challenge by helping to convey knowledge, updates and explanations of new drugs, for example.

Efficient communication with the patient

One of the many ways medical professionals can use 3D medical animations is to improve their communications with patients. With images, patients have a better reference point for what their doctor or nurse is trying to explain.

Also, Animation has several capabilities that other forms of visual communication do not have. Unlike illustrations or photographs, animation makes it possible to show movement, which can be slowed down, accelerated and adjusted as needed. You can also do things with animation that you cannot do with a video. For example, you can zoom in on a molecular level, deconstruct a device to show how it works from the inside, or create any hypothetical scenario. With animation, the only limit is your creativity.

3D animation video as a marketing activity

In medicine, marketing is a challenge. The information that needs to be presented can sometimes be very technical, making it difficult to keep the public’s attention. Patients and investors also often lack technical knowledge and in-depth medical training. Doctors and other medical professionals are busy, which means that they do not have much time and presentations must be accurate. 3D animation can help solve all these difficulties.


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