SunCat by BioNest



Bio-Nest, is a company established in 2000, has been dedicated to the technology and manufacture of herb extraction, activity enwrapping, and bio-fermentation as well. The absorption rate and effectiveness of these bio-ingredients are proven to be gentle, non-irritant, and no side-effect to skin.

They also collaborate with Analytical & Bio Science Instruments Company in developing effectiveness analysis instruments, in hope of providing data materials for the effectiveness of their sun protection, skin whitening, and anti-aging products.


From 3DforScience, we produced a 3D scientific animation to explain the benefits of Bio-Nest’s new sunscreen, we explain why it is a safe, efficient and convenient product. At the same time, its composition offers a longer and safer residence time on the skin.

Through this project, Bio-Nest wanted to transmit in a unique and innovative way, the solution that offers us with its product SunCat, to protect us from UV radiation in a convenient way thanks to the unique double layer encapsulation that wraps a mixture of UV filters.

This allows the maximum spectrum of UVA + UVB protection to be achieved.  SunCat does not absorb into the skin or have direct contact with it, resulting in a pleasant feeling for the user when applied.

Suncat Moodboard Bio-Nets

First of all we developed a SCRIPT with the key messages that the client wanted to convey, along with our scientific and creative advice, we achieved a great result by mixing ideas to achieve this great project of 3D animation and thus convey the many benefits that brings SunCat.

SunCat Storyboard 3d animation

Then we moved all those words, phrases and ideas developed in the script and went to the phase of illustrations, phase called STORYBOARD, through drawings we capture everything that will appear in the 3D animation video, we capture scene by scene so that the client can visualize how it will be the project.

suncat 3d animated video

When obtaining the illustrations and the approval of the client, we proceed to the next phase of 3D animation, called VISUALIZATION, in the visualization we can observe texture, form and colors in 3D of the illustrations obtained previously and here we will see the drawings in 3D images.


Finally we arrive at the last phase ANIMATION, here is where all the magic happens previously shaped from words, sketches, drawings and 3D images, all from scratch and doc for the client, to create the 3D animation video.

After going through all these described phases, we obtained this great 3D animation video, where it can be used in the Bio-Nest website, you can obtain illustrations of your product, as well as multiple marketing materials to promote SunCat.

Suncat animation video


In 3DforScience, we pride ourselves on guaranteeing scientific accuracy, thanks to our in-house scientists and pharmacists specialized in immunology, biotechnology, pharmacology, and biomedical sciences.

Our mission is to provide illustrative content and visual solutions for Life Science and Healthcare industries. We achieve this through 3D animation videos, Virtual Reality, and interactive production to enhance the clients’ health and marketing communications.

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