Scientific animation is the perfect way to visually show complex scientific concepts, such as a drug mechanism of action (MOA) or explanation of biotech technologies like oncology or immune therapies. Besides, medical animation and virtual reality medical applications and simulation for companies are a clear tool to help patients get a better understanding of their treatment therapies.


We help healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to make their scientific advances more visible and understandable for patients, professionals in the medical sector, clients, companies or even public institutions. Through a visual and innovating way like virtual reality medical simulation we provide and immersive medical and scientific way of teach or communicate with the purpose of give explanation to how drugs, medical therapies or new technological devices save human lives every day.


As a 3D medical animation company we offer a portfolio of services that responds to the latest requests of the sector to surprise and convince your audience.

  • Virtual reality simulation
  • Augmented reality applications
  • Looped videos
  • Interactive medical content
  • High-detail medical illustrations
  • Holographic representations of medical devices
  • Tradeshow and booth design services
Virtual reality medical applications and simulation for companies