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Visualize your science in minutes

ScienceStory helps scientists create accurate storyboards with amazing animations

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Animate your science.
Fast and easy

  •  Visualize your MoA, research or technology
  •  Create storyboards for lectures and presentations
  •  Build 3D animations around your science
  •  Boosted by AI technology

Spend less time creating scientific presentations

  • Use dozens of ready-made animations
  • Scientifically-accurate figures and illustrations
  • High quality export as PDF or JPG file formats

The first generator of scientific 3D animations

  • Unlock your communication potential
  • Generate astonishing 3D animation
  • AI to support your creativity

Communicating science has never been this easy

Easy to navigate
No expertise required
Supportive AI

3dforscience will boost your creation.

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What is ScienceStory?
ScienceStory is a scientific 3D animation generator that empowers scientists, researchers, and professionals in the life sciences industry to create their own visually stunning storyboards and scripts using an exclusive scientific library of medical illustrations.
How does ScienceStory work?
ScienceStory is incredibly easy to use and intuitive. You can log in for free and create your own storyboard and script using both AI and our ready-made library of scientific illustrations and figures to use plug-and-play. You can use this at any time. When ready with your project, you can both export it and use it freely or send it to 3DforScience team to generate a scientific 3D animation.
Do I need any expertise in technology or SaaS to use ScienceStory?
Not at all! ScienceStory has detailed tutorials and support, ensuring that anyone can use it without needing any expertise in technology or SaaS. You can create your own stunning storyboards and scripts in no time, with the confidence that the platform has your back.
Can ScienceStory help me with my writing skills?
Yes! ScienceStory is powered by AI technology that helps with the creative process, making it fast and intuitive. You can easily create a visually stunning storyboard and script in no time, even if you have no prior experience.
How much does ScienceStory cost?
ScienceStory offers a freemium access for a year, so you can start using the platform for free right away to create storyboards. This is perfect for small companies and academic institutions like universities who are looking to export it for presentations or lectures without any marketing expenditure. If you require animated video outcome, the team of 3dforscience can take over and animate it in the last step at a significantly reduced cost of any of our completely custom-made animations.
How can I join ScienceStory?
To sign up, visit sciencestory.io on your web browser. The platform will be launching very soon, and we’ll be offering a freemium access for a year, so you can get started with your scientific animations right away.

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