Rousselot X-PURE: The purest gelatin and collagen



Rousselot is the world’s largest name in gelatin and a part of Darling Ingredients, the world’s largest producer of sustainable natural ingredients from edible & inedible organic residuals and a respected global leader in repurposing with facilities, sales offices and on every continent.


At 3DforScience we conceptualize the client notes and information into a 3D scientific animation explaining the relevance of the gelatin with a medical perspective and the danger of endotoxins in the culture of human stem cells.

The production of suitable biomaterials is a pivotal challenge in the regenerative medicine field. In particular, to make gelatin and collagen proper alternatives to fit this goal it is essential to rely on a highly purified product to avoid any contaminants like endotoxins.  These toxins have been shown to negatively affect cell viability, proliferation and to alter stem cell differentiation. Thus, It’s important to control the endotoxin levels during cell culturing.

Rousselot X-pure gelatins and collagens answer this requirement and provide a perfect environment for the cells, ensuring their survival, growth, and differentiation.

It´s marketing team  used the illustrations at this year’s Bioconvention,  so visitors at their booth 326 could discover the latest scientific insights and the benefits of purified gelatin and collagen in biomedical and research applications.