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Mar 17, 2020 | Projects

Project ProSens | Gebro Pharma


CLIENT: Gebro Pharma is an Austrian pharmaceutical group, that, for more than 60 years, has been working in the research, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical specialties in the areas of pain, respiratory, rheumatology and urology. Present in Spain since 2002 and based in Barcelona.

SERVICE: From 3DforScience, we produced a 3D scientific animation explaining the mechanism of action (MoA) of ProSens®; a new treatment strategy for flu infections, based on Carragelose, an anti-viral compound made from ocean-bred red algae; which is used for the protection and treatment of respiratory diseases.

An impresive virus moa animation

Apart from treating symptoms, ProSens® has a direct effect on viruses, due to the physical protective film that forms over the mucous membranes. In this way, existing viruses are “enveloped” by Carrageose due to the sugar structure, so that their number and thus the risk of infection is reduced. With the ProSens®, the effectiveness of which has been clinically tested, colds can be shortened or even prevented thanks to the antiviral component.

Through our 3D scientific animation, we were able to explain the MoA step by step so that all people who see it can understand how it works and create awareness of this therapeutic innovation. This allows companies to get the success in healthcare through digital marketing. Additionally, we produced a 3D scientific animation loop, re-using the developed graphics from the video, which was integrated and embedded in the client’s product webpage to enhance the impact and style of it.


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