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Volumina Medical


Volumina Medical is a start-up active in the field of medical devices supported by a solid network of investors. The company develops breakthrough innovations for plastic and reconstructive surgery. Their first product is an implantable polymeric biomaterial that regenerates soft tissue of the human body which are damaged after a tumour excision, malformation or trauma. Volumina Medical’s goal is to improve patient’s quality of life.

Our Service

Volumina Medical was looking for a video, where they could explain their new and innovative development, which will probably change woman’s life, after having a surgical removal of the tumour when talking about breast cancer, and as a result this will lead to a significant disfigurement of the breast.

This lead the 3DforScience team create a 3D video explaining, how damaged tissue could be regenerated in a simple and minimal invasive injection, and restore the volume with AdiPearlTM.

Our workflow

A full comprehension of AdiPearlTM from part of the 3DforScience team is needed for the future development of the 3D animation video process. Therefore, our scientific and creative team worked together in order to conceptualize the clients briefing.
All the information provided by Volumina Medical is organized and summarized in what we call Script. In this Script each scene of the future 3D video is shown with visual references, also the text for the voice over, and the actions of each scene will also be described.


Our first step, is always analyse the information provided by the client, papers, visual references and schemes. Once the creative team has understood the project, they start to develop the first sketches of the tumour and all molecules involved, such as the biomaterial or surrounding tissues.

Once the Script is approved, and we have a clear and focused moodboard (references of how the look and feel of the project will be), the next step was to make a storyboard.

Storyboard interpretation

In the storyboard, the visual structure that the video was going to acquire was explained through handmade drawings. This phase allowed the client to have an overall idea of how the video is going to turn out.


Once the handmade drawings were approved by the client, this was transformed into 3D images, the visualization. Here the client, will be able to see how the final textures, colours and forms of the 3D images.


After every single part mentioned before was approved, we get to the last phase, the animation, where we obtain a great 3D animation video, that Volumina will be able to use for multiple marketing purposes.

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