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UniQure has a focused pipeline of innovative gene therapies, and more than 20 years of gene therapy leadership. UniQure is delivering on the promise of gene therapy: single treatments with potentially curative results.

Our Service

From 3DforScience, we produced a 3D video explaining the mechanism of action of the miQURE platform, an innovative gene therapy that that targets cell brain nucleus in order to inhibit the translation of toxic proteins.

Our workflow

UniQure’s miQURE technology is a next-generation gene silencing platform. It is designed to degrade disease-causing genes, without off-target toxicity, and induce silencing of the entire target organ through secondary exosome-mediated delivery.

Gene therapy candidates designed with miQURE incorporate proprietary, therapeutic miRNA constructs that can be delivered using AAVs to potentially provide long-lasting activity.

This information and more provided by UniQure needed to be transformed into a 3D animation video.

The first step collaboration was to analyse all references provided, images and graphs, in order to be able to understand as much as possible their technology and be the more accurate when talking about scientific processes.

All information was organised and summarised in a document called the Script, where visual references, voice over and future actions occurring in the video will be shown.


Once the script is completely fulfilled and checked, here comes the turn of the creative team, where they begin to develop and improve all references shown in the document.

Here the clients told us they request of style for the video and we created a moodboard composition that will be followed along the project for the 3D animations.

Storyboard interpretation

The first step of the project is to do some hand-drawings based on the script and its references. This is done with every scene showed on the script and all the principal components involved in this video will be drawn. In this case, Adeno Asociated Virus (AAV), microRNA, episome, Risc and Dicer complexes.


The next step of the project, is going to be the conversion of hand made drawing into 3D elements, taking into account the style, look and feel, previously agreed.


Finally, we animate all the components and we are also able to see their interactions, as in this case when it comes to the hairpin microRNA, we see how it goes from the nucleus to the cytoplasm and all processes where it is involved.

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