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OneD Battery Sciences is one of the global leaders in Electric Vehicles (EV) battery technology. For more than a decade they’ve been in the pursuit of the development and improvement of Lithium (Li) Batteries.

OneD works with leading material suppliers, battery manufacturers, and their customers to expand production scale and accelerate market adoption to meet current and future market needs.

Our Service

From 3DforScience we produced a 3D scientific animation to explain all the characteristics of the SINANODE Technology.

Through this video, we wanted to transmit the innovative steps that OneD is taking to .

Client’s feedback

“Thanks so much for getting this done so well — and ahead of schedule.”

Steven Addis
CMO OneD Battery Sciences

Our workflow

SINANODE is a brand new technology which combines Silicon Nanowires (NW) and commercial graphite powders to offer increased range and battery life, reduced costs and augmented performance for Li batteries in EV. In order to have a good conceptualization of the main idea, communication with the client is essential. That’s our motto. All starts here.
When everything is summarized, the art and scientific team design together a script dividing in to scenes the whole storyline with its voice over and a perfect description of the visuals. Once this information is understood by the art team, we start the develop of the storyboard, moodboard and visualization in order to make the video.


To define the style and the colours of the SINANODE video, the moodboard was specifically designed to reach the high quality demanded.

Storyboard interpretation

The storyboard process is probably the most determinant part of the project. Aligning all of this with visual references provided by OneD and the moodboard allowed us to design a hand-drawn storyline with a perfect visual and narrative coherence.

In this case we can see the comparative between the Si NW and the Si nanoparticles (NP). We gave the scene more power, presence and beauty following the criteria of our art team together with the scientific team.


Once the storyboard is prepared and approved by the client, it was converted into a unique 3D image. In this case, we developed great visuals of the images previously displayed.


After those stages are completed, the animation of the SINANODE technology into 3D graphics needed to be done to finalize this collaboration. The video explains briefly all the process to obtain the Si NW, the main characteristics, and all the benefits over the Si NP-based anodes which are well-established in the batteries market.

The outcome is simply amazing as the workflow was perfectly followed and the communication with OneD was constant, the key to achieve this result.

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