Sappi Symbio


Sappi is a global wood fibre group focused on dissolving wood pulp, paper-based solutions and high quality functional biomaterials.

Sappi holds a global leadership position and significant investment in R&D to respond to the growing global demand for quality functional biomaterials.

Our Service

3DforScience has produced a 3D animation video explaining the origin of Sappi Symbio biomaterial, which combines cellulose fibers from wood in a polymer matrix, and highlighting its benefits to be used as a material in automotive design.

Client’s feedback

“The feedback is very positive, we are very happy and we have done a second project with them, which is not the very usual.”

Our workflow

Sappi has developed a biomaterial derived from wood-cellulose fibers called Sappi Symbio. The combination of cellulose fibers within a polymer matrix makes Sappi Symbio a sustainable alternative to standard compounds tailor-made for automotive interiors.

To turn all this information into a 3D animation video, the first step is to analyse all the visual references, info and graphics provided by the client.

Then, we organized and summarized all the content of the project in the script, that will be divided in different scenes. Each scene will show a 3D animation with its correspondent voice over time and further visual information.

Once the script is fulfilled, the creative team begins to develop and improve the graphics shown in that document. In many cases, a deeper research of the science behind the project is needed to develop scientific accurate 3D animation models.


The client wanted futuristic aesthetics on this project, combining blue, grey and metal colour tones. Thus, we create a moodboard of the style that we will follow in the 3D models composition for the project.

Storyboard interpretation

The first stage of the project is to hand draw the different scenes present in the script prior the 3D visualization. In this case, we represent how the cellulose fibers extracted from wood interact with polymers to constitute the biomaterial and how Sappi Symbio can be used in automotive design.

Moreover, we draw how this composite can be used as a strong and sustainable alternative to fossil based plastics used usually in the interior of cars.


The next step was to convert all the hand-drawn pictures into 3D elements keeping the style proposed in the moodboard.


Finally, we animate the cellulose fibers to display how they interact with each other and with the polymer matrix to constitute Sappi Symbio biomaterial.

Moreover, it was important for the client to highlight the natural origin of the use of Sappi Symbio in automotive design. Thus, we animate the car, driving through the forest to display the reduced environmental impact this biocomposite has.

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