PolyHeal by Praxis


Praxis Pharmaceutical is a company based in 2006 specialized in advanced treatment of chronic wounds. Praxis has become one of the main leaders in the market using all their experience developing innovative devices and drugs.

Our Service

3DforScience produced a 3D animated video, explaining the MoA of PolyHeal® Micro, one of the new products of Praxis for wound management. This MoA is based on Negatively-Charged Microsphere (NCM) Technology, which enhance the communication between the macromolecules and the cells envolved in the healing process.

Our workflow

Praxis have developed PolyHeal® Micro, a liquid suspension used to overcome the inactive inflammatory phase to re-start the healing of any open wound.

To transform the main idea into a 3D video, we had to understand all the information behind that MoA.

With all the work done by the scientific and the creative team we could briefly conceptualize all the client’s briefing into a script.

When the script was already done our team started a deeper research in order to know the real structure of receptors, cells and molecules to develop accurate 3D models.

Storyboard interpretation

The first phase of the project is to hand-draw the different scenes organized and accorded together with the client during the script stage. In this case, we represent how the NCM binds to an immune cell involved in the wound healing and how some fibroblasts start synthetizing some collagen fibers.


The next step was to replicate these visuals into a 3D style. We brought to the table some amazing textures, lights and scenes to explain everything Praxis was trying to.


In the end, the final stage was to animate those visuals previously mentioned in to a video. Together with our standing animators, an incredible video was created. In these animations displayed below it can be seen some key cells of immune system such us macrophages working to heal the body together with PolyHeal®.

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