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Rousselot is the world leader in collagen-based solutions for the food, health and nutrition, (bio)medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Rousselot Health & Nutrition develops functional ingredients for dietary supplements.

Our Service

From 3DforScience, we produced a 3D scientific animation video explaining, in an easy, unique and impactful way, how does Peptan work and its multiple benefits, as well as explaining how its administration is and the way it interacts in our body once taken.

Our workflow

Rousselot Health & Nutrition has develoved bioactive collagen peptides to deliver multiple benefits and functional properties, called Peptan.

Information and references were sent by the client in order to help the 3D Scientific team understand how Peptan worked and all the molecules involved in this process.

Once everything is understood, our main goal is to transform all the information provided into a 3D animation video.

The first step is to create the script, here we will include everything that will later on appear on the final video, voice over, scenes, and visual references, in order to conceptualize and visualize what the client is looking for.

Once the Script is fulfilled by the 3D Scientific team and with collaboration of the client, the creative team begins to develop and improve the graphics shown in the document.

There is usually a deeper research in order to get the most accurate scientific 3D models.


The client generally has an idea of how they want their video to look like, when it comes to colours and textures. This is the main reason why we create a moodboard in order to have a clear style which will be followed in the future 3D models.

Storyboard interpretation

The storyboard followed this first stage, here we started by doing handmade drawings, with this phase what we are achieving is to help the client have an overall idea of how the video is going to turn out. All the different components involved in the video were drawn. This step is one of the most important in our projects, and will done in all of them.


The next step of the video production is called visualization, here we transform the hand-made drawn pictures into the first 3D models. Every video is made from scratch so none of them will be similar in between, as the client will be the one deciding how they want the components to look like, colours and textures.


Finally, we get to the animation, where we obtain the final result of the 3D animated video and bring all the components previously showed in the sketches, handmade drawing, to life.

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