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Similarity exercise of a biosimilar


mAbxience is a biopharmaceutical company specialized in the research, development, manufacture, and commercialization of biosimilar medicines.

Our Service

3DforScience has produced a 3D medical animation video to explain the mechanism of action (MoA) of our client’s Biosimilar technology.

Client’s feedback

“A very professional team who knew how to capture our idea in an excellent video.”

Digital Marketing technician

Our workflow

Starting from the schematic notes and sketches of the client, our scientific team began to translate and organize this complex scientific process into a script divided in different scenes. The aim of the script is to tell the technology in a concise, clear and engaging way.
During this initial phase, we keep a smooth communication with the client because, in 3Dforscience, we strongly believe that the base of a great animation lies in a good conceptualization.

Storyboard interpretation

We then proceed to elaborate a storyboard, in which the scenes included in the script are hand-drawn prior their 3D representation. In this case, we represented how the cloned cell produces the desired antibodies.


Within this phase we represent each scene in 3D, for instance, the cell producing antibodies. We emphasize on the texturing, scene lighting and visual effects so the client can choose their preferences.
In this specific project, the protagonist was mAbxience’s biosimilar product: a biosimilar antibody. Its colours and translucent forms follow the branding style of the company, and reinforce mAbxience’s identity.


Once we got all the project’s scenes 3D modelled, we move forward to the last stage of the project in which we animate each scene. In those scenes with higher technical complexity such as the Transfection scene, where we visualize the trip of the plasmid from the cell membrane to the nucleus, we carried out several initial tests to ensure the scene is scientifically accurate while being aesthetically pleasant.

After studying certain models and animations individually, we created a visually stunning and fluid composition of the animations. In this way, we guarantee a fine combination between art and science told eloquently and concisely.

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