IFF – Phage host relationship


International Flavors & Fragrances, or IFF, is a US company global leader in food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, supply chain and fragrances for more than 130 years.

They perform in many areas, bringing empowerment, expertise, integrity, innovation, and responsibility to end-to-end solutions in 47 different countries.

Our Service

IFF contacted us to develop a video explaining the revolutionary concept of their Phage-Host Relationship Cultures to help the Dairy Industry to overcome the problems of appearing phages in culture ranges.

We developed this video to explain everything behind creating phage unrelated starter cultures increasing the resistance of the strains to the outbreak of phage.

Our workflow

Phage-Host Relationship use in culture rotation is a novel idea brought to the table thanks to IFF’s expertise and learnings to meet industry needs.

To have a conceptualization of the video, we discussed with the client what we wanted to show on each scene, dividing the main idea in pieces to tell a good story and providing the beholder the information about this brand-new technology.

After a briefing of the client, the script shall be made. In this phase, we took that information given and built a document detailing each scene, with its VO, visual description using all types of references and text on screen providing additional information if needed.

After completion, the art team, together with the scientific team started to make a research to find the exact structure of the phage, bacteria and all kinds of elements that appear on the video.


To achieve the quality that a big company like IFF demanded we designed a Moodboard, together with IFF’s branding assets, to deliver the best textures, colors, and lightning in the video.

Storyboard interpretation

After approval of the script, we stepped into the first visual stage: the hand made storyboard.
Using that script, our Illustrator defined the motion and composition of each scene with an amazing talent and care.

In this case, there are displayed the drawings of the phage-host relationship, one of the stages of the phage lytic cycle, and a phage resistant strain inside a fermenter.


This stage is divided into two main parts: Style and 3D visualization.

On the first one, we defined the general Look & Feel basing them on the moodboard, together with the client.

On the second stage we applied what was defined in that Style stage to each one of the storyboard visuals.

For instance, the images above in a 3D environment are shown:


In this is the final stage of the project, our outstanding animators developed amazing motion graphics.

IFF together with 3DForScience created an explanatory video of the Phage-Host Relationship and how it can be used to improve Dairy Industry and its products.

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