Grow is an independent advertising agency based in Madrid and Lisbon.

This company is delivering an experience to raise awareness of the effects that stress has on our bodies and how to avoid it.

Our Service

From 3DforScience, we produced an interactive VR experience video explaining the causes of digestive discomfort that are caused by stress, the gut-brain axis (the intense relationship between the digestive system and the brain), and then making a journey that shows the effects of stress on the different parts of the digestive system.

In addition, it does not need controls to interact, the glasses recognize the user’s own hands for more comfort.

Our workflow

Stress causes changes in hormonal regulation, changes in the behavior of immune cells, and changes in the bacteria that make up our intestinal flora. All these factors act directly on our digestive system.

This information and more provided by Grow needed to be transformed into a VR personalised experience.

The first step was to analyze all the information they wanted to express with this experience, in order to be as precise as possible when talking about the bodily processes.

All the information was concentrated and organized in a document called Script, which will show the visual references, the voice-over and the actions that occur in the video.

Once the script is completely organized and finalized, it´s the turn of the creative team, where they start to develop the experience itself.

This project involved a journey through various areas of the digestive system. A moodboard composition was created that would be followed throughout this journey in the experience, from which they could then see as a result the style that would have the different protagonist elements and their respective environments.

Storyboard interpretation

This project is done for patients, both the style, storytelling and technical language have been adjusted, unlike other of our projects, to be understandable for patients.

The next step is to make some hand drawings based on the script and its references.

All the main components involved in the experience are drawn. In this case, the characters that can be chosen, the small intestine, the stomach acid and the intestinal flora.

Then, there is going to be the conversion of hand made drawing into 3D elements, taking into account the style, look and feel, previously agreed.
The VR experience

As a final step, we introduce all the elements that we have been generating to build the VR experience.

Combining the movement of the individual elements with the backgrounds to achieve a personalized interactive journey that allows us to see the inside of our body.

It is a project that works in “stand-alone” mode: the glasses do not need a computer’s connection, so everything is optimized.

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