ORDESA: Bioactive Proteins

May 5, 2020 | Projects


CLIENT: Laboratorios Ordesa is a Spanish, family-owned business, specializing in baby food and nutrition for decades. Currently, Ordesa aims to provide high-quality products, not only to children but to the population in general, covering all stages of life and providing relevant brands for their nutrition, health, and well-being. Ordesa Laboratories has been a pioneer in bringing new products into the Spanish market, such as the first hydrolyzed baby cereal.

SERVICE: From 3DforScience, we have produced several projects for Laboratorios Ordesa, demonstrating loyalty to our client, effort, and work, so that each idea is reflected. We always ensure our content is created as our client imagines it, providing scientific accuracy and adding value to the product.

When we work with Laboratorios Ordera, our first goal is to understand the importance of our client’s product and finding the different approaches trough which we could add value to it. In this project, our goal was to visualize in the most innovative and effective way bioactive proteins found in mother’s milk and the positive effects they generate on babies.

proteins with biological activity

We produce a 3D animation video to explain the benefits of ”Blemil mother’s milk” and how it produces its positive effects on babies. Among the bioactive proteins present in the formula of Blemil milk, we find alpha-Lacto-albumin. This protein, observed in breast milk is related to brain development and affects the immune system, and consequently, it prevents infections.

alpha lactalbumin

For this reason, infant kinds of milk that incorporate serum proteins rich in bioactive factors optimize the maturation and development of the central nervous and immune systems.

bioactive proteins

Our team produced a 3D animation video showcasing these concepts in a clear, engaging, and concise way. We, therefore, achieved to explain in a few seconds the benefits, the importance, and the components of the product, giving our client a powerful tool to present its product.

ordesa Blemil Plus

For more information about the product, see the Ordesa Laboratories website


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