ORDESA: Bioactive Proteins



Laboratorios Ordesa is a Spanish, family-owned business, specializing in baby food and nutrition for decades. Currently, Ordesa aims to provide high quality products with added value, not only to children, but to the population in general, covering all stages of life and providing relevant brands for their nutrition, health and well-being. Laboratorios Ordesa has been a pioneer in bringing new products in the Spanish market, such as the first hydrolysed baby cereal, the first special food products for treating digestive alterations, the first gluten-free baby cereal and the first special milk.


We have carried out several projects for Laboratorios Ordesa, demonstrating loyalty to our client, effort and work so that each idea is reflected and developed as our client imagines it, providing scientific and creative value by our 3DforScience team.

blemil mother's milk and babies

First of all, our team is in charge of understanding the importance of our client’s product and what it brings to the market. In this project, we dealt with the bioactive proteins in mother’s milk and what they generate in babies when they consume it.

proteins with biological activity

On this occasion, the project consisted of explaining the importance and benefits that Blemil mother’s milk brings to babies, a product of our client Laboratorios Ordesa. Among the bioactive proteins present in the formula of Blemil milk is the alpha-Lacto-albumin, which in breast milk is related to brain development and the immune system and therefore the prevention of infections.

alpha lactalbumin

For this reason, infant milks that incorporate serum proteins rich in bioactive factors have added value to optimize the maturation and development of the central nervous and immune systems of infants.

bioactive proteins

Through the 3D animation video made by our team, we could appreciate in an innovative, attractive and different way, the benefits, the importance, the components of the product, among other elements that serve to improve the presentation of our client’s product.

ordesa Blemil Plus

For more information about the product, see the Ordesa Laboratories website.