New customer expectations about technologies in healthcare

Feb 11, 2021 | Marketing

New Customer Expectations about Technologies in Healthcare

As technology develops even faster, consumer needs and expectations change at the same pace. Even more so when it comes to technologies in healthcare.

Today’s healthcare consumers want to be spoilt for choice. Their expectations of service have been shaped by numerous factors, especially the convenience they receive from technology and the customer experience offered by other industries, such as retail and banking.

Patients or customers

Where once a patient predominantly visited their local GP and accepted their view as definitive, today’s consumer is far more engaged with their healthcare options. Moreover, importantly, they have the technology to take control of their journey and make the most of their options.

Consumers are starting to exert their power by making more demands on the health care provider-patient relationship and expecting to be treated in much the same way they are accustomed to being treated in their daily interactions with retailers. And companies also make brilliant use of technology to strengthen their customer relationships.

Many industries are seeing the effects of technology on their practices and working to adapt to these changes, implementing more technological capabilities and flexible communication channels into their everyday practices.

The healthcare industry is no different. The people we serve have unique needs throughout their recovery, but the changing technological landscape still affects their perception of products, services and experiences.

The approach of mixed reality

This shift to increased transparency and better user experience can likely be attributed to consumer demand. Most consumers today are deeply immersed in evolving technology and know the advantages of nearly immediate answers and flexible communication channels.

In the past, the focus was completely on the offline customer experience. Then there was a major shift towards the digital customer experience and communication. Today and tomorrow there is a mixed reality environment, based on a digital-human relationship.

The strong rise of virtual and augmented reality will give a new dimension to the mixed reality approach.

This hybrid technology makes it possible to see virtual objects in the real world and build an experience in which the physical and the digital are practically indistinguishable.

Mixed reality devices can be used to provide doctors with real-time information on the patient’s health condition during the surgery. Additionally, they can also view the real-time images from non-intrusive scanning systems to help them stay cognizant of the changes occurring in the patient’s body during the procedure.

Where technologies in healthcare are leading us only time will tell.


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