Marketing Strategies in Pharmaceutical Industry

Before diving any deeper into the different marketing strategies, we should clarify what the term Pharma Marketing refers to. When talking about Pharma Marketing we are focused on the marketing of drugs and medical devices by private and public organizations to doctors, clinicians and consumers.

Marketing strategies are very challenging when it comes to pharmaceutical companies, as it is a highly regulated industry and has heavy restriction.

Their main goal is to achieve a marketing strategy that allows the company promote its product, also bring awareness among people, try to build brand loyalty, while remaining within the code of ethics.

What makes pharma marketing so important?

Nowadays, marketing is the key diving force, as it enables pharmaceutical companies to identify, anticipate and provide solutions for customer requirements. Marketing is the only way to help differentiate these companies from each other.

However, there are a wide range of various pharmaceutical marketing strategies you are able to choose in order to attract the attention of prescribing physicians as well as their patients.

Know Our Target

The first step that should be taken into account by every company is to identify their target customers, for who the product is designed for, in order to stablish their marketing tactics.

It is well known that the end user of the products from pharmaceutical industry are patients, so probably companies should also focus here and not only in sales target, which are the doctors.

Up to this point it is clear that we have two different targets, each of them have their specific needs and the actions we take must be aimed at satisfying those needs.

Marketing to doctors, is all about identifying their needs and providing well-researched solutions, every action has to be as much specific as possible they do not have much time to capture their attention, the information must be of great scientific content, which provides value and differentiation from the rest of the competition, so that they find it more attractive when prescribing.

Marketing to patients, is also about identifying their individual needs and creating a patient experience (interactive content), in order to achieve a better knowledge of their pathologies and also the product, so they feel more confident about it and also the company gets a higher adherence.

Social media presence

When people think about social media, pharmaceutical companies aren’t the first thing that come to mind. Nonetheless, pharma companies need to keep in mind that their audience hangs out on social media. In other words, why shouldn’t your company have presence there too?

The content of our social media is very important, in order to get the attention of potential customers. Constantly updating what we offer as well as our technology drives viewers to consider us a constantly growing company in search of always satisfying customer needs. We must make sure that the content we publish goes through all the necessary regulations so there is no inconvenience. At the same time to have a scientific section and another one more focused on the patient.

Pharmaceutical companies have a huge job to do educating customers not only about their products but also about disease prevention.

Content and website design

Having an attractive and impactful website with a complete and quality content, is a necessary pharma marketing strategy that can help boost our brand, should develop the necessary information for the patient and prescriber, with a professional design with special attention to details, logo, slogan, mission and vision of the company, products, pathology, studies, among others.

Our website is our first letter of introduction and allows us to create a connection with the patient.

Connecting with influential people and KOL´s in our sector

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in pharma can be one of the most crucial marketing and strategic advantages for pharmaceutical companies. KOLs provide pharmaceutical companies with advice and guidance when it comes to the drug development process, marketing, regulatory requirements and customers’ needs.

Creating relationships with speakers who have great knowledge in our sector, product or pathology gives the patient confidence when taking a medicine or following treatment. Not only patients, they also have influence in other healthcare professionals.

Use of technology

Using the latest technology allows us to position ourselves as an innovative company, being the world of health a field in which every day there are new studies and medical updates, usually draws attention to the material we use to promote our product, either through an iPad, a phone of last generation, or a little more technological through augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D medical animation.

Positioning through search engines

Today everything is searched through Google, so you have to keep in mind the search engines or pharmaceutical SEO, as it can limit the online reach of our company and allow competitors to win customers who are using Google.

SEO marketing of pharmaceutical products is about helping users find our product or service, solve their problems and answer their questions with just one search.

Pharmaceutical marketing strategies make your product stand out

We can see that there are many marketing strategies in the pharmaceutical sector to promote our product, despite the many restrictions and regulations by which the industry is subjected, we can take advantage of the thousands of tools that offer us the advances of this era. Where the latest technology and marketing tools stand out to position our product.