mAbxience is a biopharmaceutical company specialized in the research, development, manufacture and commercialization of biosimilar medicines.


3D animation of Biosimilar technology. Explain and descrive the technology processes of developing, manufacturating and marketing monoclonal antibodies.



“A very professional team who knew how to capture our idea in an excellent video.”


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Starting from the schematic notes and sketches of the client, we began to translate this complex process into a narrative with visual coherence; targeted to professionals and to a general public. During this fase phase we keep a fluent communication with the client because, in 3Dforscience, we believe that the basis of a great animation lies in a good conceptualization.

mabxience sa

All information received is organized and summarized in the script, when the client becomes aware of the narrative structure. This is achieved by dividing the script into scenes, where each scene defines the voice-over time, what happens in the animation, or, which kind of visual information is displayed.

While the script is taking shape, we are working on the style phase, which has its base on moodboard; a selection of reference images. That’s the style that fits the best with the needs of our conceptualization.


The most significant elements of the animation are visualized based on the selected style. 3D modeling, texturing, scene lighting, visual effects … what is necessary to create the best visual reference.
In this project the protagonist is our biosimilar product, the antibody. Its color and its translucent forms are distinctive of Mabxience’s identity.

mabxience 3D

In those scenes with higher technical complexity; as in the “Transfection” scene, where we visualize the trip of the plasmid from the cell membrane to the nucleus; we make sure with several initial tests (phase of animatics) that the scene is in balance between its visual appeal and scientific theory.

After studying certain models and animations individually, as in the case of the plasmid; We put all our animation capabilities to create a visually stunning and fluid composition, where the explanatory purpose becomes pleasant and easy to follow.

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