LetiFend ® | Vaccine Against Canine Leishmaniasis



LETIPharma was founded in Barcelona in 1919. It is currently a leader and reference in the areas of allergy, dermatology and immunology, in the development and production of vaccines and immunotherapies with allergens, as well as in the research and development of products for the care of atopic skin.


From 3DforScience, we produced a 3D scientific animation explaining the importance and the mode of action of LetiFend®: vaccine against canine leishmaniasis, based on a recombinat protein.  To reduce the risk of developing active infection and/or clinical disease after exposure to Leishmania infantum.

LetiFend –  The Mode of Action of their Vaccines

LetiFend®, is a product obtained through recombinant DNA technology whose active ingredient is Q Protein.  Q Protein is obtained by combining 5 highly antigenic fragments, fused and cloned into E. coli, from 4 Leishmania infantum proteins. The 3DforScience team first of all seeks to analyze and understand the mechanism of action of LetiFend® for the future development of the animation process. After that, the client’s briefing is conceptualized through a script where the key messages to be transmitted are narrated.

In the Moodboard several scenes used for the development of the video can be observed, among them the parasite in the form of promastigote, the production of a large amount of antibodies against Leishmania that together with the parasitic proteins form circulating immunocomplexes that are deposited in tissues and organs, and the production of anti-protein Q antibodies.

The animation process of the mode of action of vaccines

The development of the vaccine animation started with hand drawings and then each scene was made in 3D images. We visualized what the dog would look like and how each process would occur within the organism from the inoculation of the parasite.

The sandfly inoculates the promastigote, activating the animal´s innate immune response. Immune cells, together with cytokines and complement proteins, are activated and cause parasite lysis.

We explain all the scenes in this way through images, using customer references and once approved the Storyboard we proceed to the next phase that would be the visualization. During this step we developt all the esthetic elements; lights, texturize, etc. Although, this visualization will give a reference of how every scene throughout the video will look like.

After each element, drawing and 3D image is approved during the visualization process, we begin the animation process. This is where we set the rhythm of the animation, scene duration, transitions, lighting, camera movements.

Vaccination with LetiFend produces anti-protein Q antibodies and stimulates the formation of memory cells.If the dog comes into contact with the parasite after vaccination, complement proteins are activated and attack the parasite more effectively.

Through parasite lysis, its proteins remain exposed and are captured by the anti-protein Q antibodies which eliminate them. With fewer parasitic proteins, the formation of immune complexes is much lower.