How to promote medical videos to physicians?

Oct 1, 2020 | Marketing

Having a marketing video for your pharmaceutical company is just as important as having physicians watching it. It is essential to ensure the video reaches our target audience if we want to have the desired impact. In this post, you will find some ways to make your medical video more appealing to physicians and hence, to increase the probability of your video being watched.

Combine medical videos and email

The quickest way to ensure your video reaches the biggest number of physicians possible is by including it on the emails. As simple as this strategy may be seen, it combines using the most popular channel for communication and it comes with zero costs as you are already using an email service provider.

Thus you are not just enhancing the chance of your video being watched but also enhancing the number of people that will benefit from the video like MSLs. Another good approach regarding this strategy is to include video thumbnails instead of a regular image, since you increase the chance that the physician will click through.

medical videos to physics

In addition to this, with the proper platform you will be able to identify the physicians who watched your video and for how long. Therefore, you will be able to measure your strategy and choose whether you should change it.

Play your medical videos to physicians at a congress 

You can make use of conferences and congresses to promote your video to physicians. By using this strategy, you will deliver a more appealing presentation to the public. Videos within conferences might be used to replace the classic speaker or combine both. If you convert your whole scientific publication into a video, it will allow you to explain the key concepts in a very concise, clear, and engaging way. By doing this, you will substitute a tedious scientific publication into a light presentation that is not only more appealing to physicians but the general public.

promote medical videos to physicians

Social Media 

One of the most common ways to promote your medical video in recent times is through Social Media. People love sharing and watching videos. Before uploading a video, it is crucial to choose the right network according to the target public.

In this case, we think Linkedin would be the most appropriate option. In addition to its obvious benefits, this network allows you to measure the impact of your video and see if you should change anything.

Your Website Pages

One of the best channels to promote your medical video to physicians is through your website. People nowadays search for products and services on Google. Besides, your website will rank higher if you embed a video, so it is a win-win.

Within the website, the video can be located on different sites. One of the best places for it is the landing page because it will help to draw attention. Another place would be within blog posts as it will complement the written text and make the post more appealing to the public.


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