How much does a 3D medical animation video cost

The medical animation video is an incredible way to tell the mode of action of your medicine or therapy in a fast, dynamic and attractive way. It is a new tool that many biotech and pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of to increase visual communication about their product.  On our page 3dforScience you can see this incredible way of transmitting this mode of action.  However, as it is a tool for innovation and is used more and more every day, the question arises before investing… How much does a medical animation video cost?

The cost of a medical animation most of the time is not given from the beginning of the project.

It takes a lot of work to produce an animation and there are many factors that influence the price. The price varies significantly according to the variables of the project and here are some of them.

Factors that influence the cost of a scientific animation:

Video duration

Whether it’s a short 30-second video or a long 3-minute video at the beginning of each project, the medical conception team must thoroughly investigate the topic to be developed. With complex scientific issues, such as the mode of action of a product or a clinical study, they must collect, examine and, of course, understand a wide range of content. These investment costs are necessary for each project, regardless of how long it lasts. For this reason, not always a short video means that it is cheaper.

Project complexity

Depending on how complex the project is, more structures will be needed for the development of the project, it is also necessary to take into account which information should appear and which is not so relevant. Everything will depend on the objective that the project seeks to achieve and to whom it is addressed. All these variables influence the time of carrying out the work. Since it is not the same to make a video that details in detail from the most general to the mechanism of action to a project where only a 3D figure is used.

Creative development hours

We have to take in mind that everything is created from scratch, each design is developed by our creative team, taking into consideration the ideas of the client to translate them first in a simple drawing to reach a complete image deserves a lot of time and dedication.

Rendering quality 

To obtain an impressive and realistic 3D animation video in detail requires a lot of dedication and time. Computers with special software are required to solve complex lighting algorithms. To obtain the desired results you have to combine these two factors the time and the technology we use.

Quality of style

There are several styles when making a medical animation, this could be in 2D, 3D or simple sketches. Depending on what the client wants, the project will be made of one style or another, taking into account that the more specialized it is done the better the final result will be made.

Due date and approval processes

There are several steps while we are doing an animation project, we must obtain the approvals and feedback from the client, in two points the legal, regulatory and medical approval of the client is required: one for the storyboard and another for the final medical animation film. While we do not have these approvals, the project cannot be advanced and for this reason it is a constant that varies greatly depending on how quickly this is achieved. Taking into consideration that if a project is needed with less time than is normally required for its completion, it will be more expensive.