Insulin pump: how it works explained with 3D animation

May 6, 2022 | Marketing

A 3D animation is a multidisciplinary tool: it can be used for entertainment, education, medical training, or marketing, among others, as we have already seen in previous articles.

This is due to some of the characteristics provided by this type of format: visibility, viralization of content, and the ability to capture the user’s attention and retain it making it a great ally within the marketing strategy

On the part of the patient who receives it, it is also a material that helps the reception of the message, understanding, and explanation, whether of disease, medication, or process.

This is the case, for example, with insulin pumps for diabetics.

insuline pump

Insulin pump: 3D video animation

The insulin pump is a device capable of administering the hormone that a patient with diabetes needs during the day, according to the blood sugar levels. 

Unlike the traditional treatment to control the disease, it allows greater flexibility, by giving the possibility of programming different doses within 24 hours.

The vast majority of these devices are the size of a cell phone, and nowadays, some are even wireless.

It has a reservoir where insulin is stored for 2 or 3 days, which reaches the body through a cannula that goes into the subcutaneous tissue.

In this case, 3D animation allows us to give a much more concise explanation of the use of this type of technology and to show a hypothetical use case.

Therefore, it serves both patients and for any other type of corporate presentation of product, marketing, and even medical visit, being therefore much more effective than other format types.

Do you have any doubt?

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