Scientific Visualization

for Bio&Health

Scientific Visualization

for Bio&Health

Transforming complex scientific concepts into visual graphics.

3Dforscience is a Scientific and Medical animation company for healthcare sector.

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Why us?

· Our team is composed by Scientist and artist.

· More than 10 years of experience.

· Dozens of international projects.

· Committed scientific accuracy

· Long-term partnership

· Specialized in Life Sciences

People we help


· Marketing & communication manager

· Product portfolio manager

· Communications manager

· Sourcing global manager

· Biotech

· Medical Device

· Research centers

· Universities

· Healthcare agencies

· Pharmaceutical

3D Medical Animation Studio & Services

3D Animation

A 3D medical animation studio will allow you to visually show complex scientific concepts or science projects trough 3d science videos, animation and illustration. For pharma companies our 3d medical animation services such as the mechanisms of action of drugs, medical surgeries or the specific details of biotechnologies make a difference in an exhibition.


Our work exceeds the rest of the medical animation companies thanks to our variety and quality of communication media, product marketing materials, and specific branding requirements where our specialized scientific animation, science videos, medical animation services and illustration can be used to improve your image and comercial communications.


Websites, mobile applications, interactive 3d science videos, scientific animation for eLearning and all of 3D medical animation services for companies that we develop makes it easy to organizations of pharmaceutical and medical sector to deliver training and marketing media to anyone anywhere.

Virtual Reality

We create immersive graphics and replicate environments that simulate physical presence. As medical animation studio our job is creating sensory virtual reality experiences and 3D medical animation services for companies like yours.

Medical Animation Projects

Asp-1929 MoA for head and neck cancer


Biognosys – Next Generation Proteomics

LetiFend: vaccine against leishmaniasis

Coated oncolytic adenovirus – Sagetis Biotech

Imcyse technology (ImotopesTM) – MoA




After we get in touch we start
looking for references & source
materials, to define a solid base that
help us build the needs of our project.

Research / Conceptual Proposal / Planning definition / Initial script.



We can create quick images by hand or 3D sketch the scenes,
to give you an overview of the whole project and to make sure
that every single scene gets properly defined.

Script definition / Sketching / Story / VO selection.



According to the Branding references or specific preferences
we focus on the main elements to give you an example of
the final look&feel of the project.

Moodboard / 3D modeling / texturing and lightning / illustration.



Here is where the magic happens! We see how things move
and get the felling of timing. After approving the animatics
we render and compose everything to match the quality and
style of the visualizations.

VO / Animatics / sound effects / final delivery.

Working together

Being part of the project workflow is such an experience. Since the very first schetch you will beamazed about our graphical potencial. We will make it look easy! Every step of the working process is very well controlled, step by step, phase by phase we make sure that we are moving forward. This is because we pour all our creative capabilities right from the beginning. By developing the project from a solid conceptualization that’s how we ensure the best results.

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