The market of Holographic Medical Imaging in marketing

Nov 26, 2019 | Marketing

The market of holographic medical imaging in marketing

Holography is a quite recent technique that enables the formation of 3D images that vary its position as the viewer moves. It has been having a strong impact in many industries, but most notably in the medical imaging market. The techniques used in the develop of holographic medical imaging are capable of recording and displaying 3D-information without using lenses.

Due to the fast growth that the medical sector is having in the past years, new studies have now demonstrated how a holographic video stream of the desired anatomical structure is produced by the gathering of 3D images from a conventional X-ray system and a “holographic video projector”. This can be considered as a breakthrough step in the medical market as it allows doctors to visualize and manipulate the holographic organ from different perspectives during an intervention, for example where there is an organ dysfunctionality.

However, there are a wide range of various pharmaceutical marketing strategies you are able to choose from in order to attract the attention of prescribing physicians as well as their patients.[/vc_column_text][us_separator][us_image image=”17138″ size=”full” align=”center”][us_separator][vc_column_text]The growth of the holographic medicine is powered by the increased of high investment in medical facilities, technological advances in surgical rooms and personalized care. It is important to highlight that a hold back for holography usage in medicine is the low number of skilled professionals. Nevertheless, the medical area offers a wide field for diagnosis using holographic technology.

Medical Holographic Market

This sector, the holographic medical illustrations, is expected to grow faster in the following years. Apart from helping physicians during interventions, virtual reality hologram can be used as part of medical education to based on different practical studies and explanations.

There are different companies producing true hologram systems focused on the medical sector. EchoPixel, from the USA, produces a software capable of converting 2D images into stereoscopic 3D images. With this system, professionals can ‘cut’ virtual tissue, organs or other parts of the body at different angles, enabling surgeons and image specialists to create endless number of cross sections.

Another company is Zebra Imaging, also from USA, that creates a table-top style holographic display system called ZScape as an alternative for medical students to dissect bodies when there is a lack of the cadavers. With this system, students can navigate the whole body, studying different body parts like the respiratory or cardiovascular system.

3DforScience from Spain, Ovizio Imaging systems from Belgium, Holoxica Ltd., from UK, Lyncee Tec and NanoLive from Switzerland or RealView Imaging from Israel, are other companies that focues in the global medical holography markets.[/vc_column_text][us_separator][us_image image=”17137″ size=”full” align=”center”][us_separator][vc_column_text]

Key Characteristics Of Holograms To Succeed In The Market

Even though the holographic medicine is quite new, different characteristics have empowered its popularity. As holograms leave a strong first impression in costumers and consumers because of the interaction between the actual object and the 3D animation, they are said to create a permanent impression in the market. In fact, ever since holograms have entered in our society they have had a positive association: the observer’s brain is viewed as a real object by the hologram projection, and in interaction with a physical object creates the illusion of motion and modification in real time.

Invisibility is another key characteristic of holograms as the center of gravity of the holograms focuses on the product itself. The content or 3D animations are projected around the product, as the fast movements and dynamic elements, attracts the attention of each person that passes through. People get shocked and enchantment as they try to guess how they function. They stare at them as if there was magic, but instead pure technology is behind.

Last but not least, holograms leave positivism in consumers. Because of this reason they are considered to have long-lasting memory and leave long-lasting impressions and lasting impact on the subconscious of an individual. This is a crucial marketing characteristic that makes holograms to remain in the market. Since it offers the prospective buyer experience, the opportunity for interaction, and entertainment it does not just represent one-way communication. The hologram market by bringing new and fresh platform for promotion and advertising, provides added value to the shopping experience.


To sum up, we can say that hologram marketing offers a remarkable opportunity for brands to connect in a manner with consumers by ultimately transforming them into loyal customers. Holograms, due to the possibility of realizing content that is just imagination of the boundaries, opens up a wide range of marketing opportunities. For this reason, we are witnessing the increasing trend of brands such as technology and promotion. Those who experienced a hologram promotion will share their experience and impressions with their circle of acquaintances.[/vc_column_text][us_separator][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][us_separator size=”small”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]


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