High performance sustainable material: Sappi Symbio

Nov 26, 2020 | Projects

High performance sustainable material: Sappi Symbio

Sappi is a global company focused on providing dissolving pulp, paper pulp, paper-based and biorefinery solutions to its customers in over 150 countries. They invest in research and development programs, unlocking the true potential of sustainable renewable resources, with wood fiber. They have various products to meet the demand in areas such as bioenergy and pharmaceuticals in this era of carbon constraints.

These feature in applications ranging from textiles to healthcare, graphic papers and packaging. Sappi Symbio is a new natural composite material combining high quality cellulose from wood and thermoplastics. Benefit from a more natural look, soft and warm touch, high rigidity and low density.

Sappi Symbio consists of premium cellulose fibres which are well dispersed in a polymer matrix and is delivered as granules.

It can be used in standard processing equipment, such as injection moulding and extrusion. It can be used in a wide range of applications across furniture, consumer electronics and automotive components.

The long-term vision is to provide bio-based materials fully derived from wood, that offer attractive alternatives to fossil based plastics and composites. Revolutionize your product with Sappi Symbio by combining the best qualities of wood and designability of plastic materials for improved haptics, looks and performance.

Benefits of Sappi Symbio

Sappi Symbio premium cellulose fibres originate from renewable raw material wood, which is manufactured in an environmentally responsible production process. Cellulose fibres improve the life cycle analyses from your product and process, compared to oil-based conventional materials, by considerably reducing the CO2 footprint. Moreover, Sappi Symbio can be reused and recycled.

Industry Applications

An innovative and sustainable material that can support different industries on their way to a sustainable future.

– Automotive

– House and industrial appliances

– Consumer electronics

– Kitchenware

-High-end packaging

-Furniture and lifestyle

Symbio Properties

Sappi Symbio is an eco-responsible solution that combines advanced performance with high energy efficiency and environmentally friendly products.  Among the properties that we can name of Sappi Symbio are the following:

Premium cellulose fibres

Low density fibres with high stiffness properties

Natural sustainable material

Fibres have low odour and low emissions

Cellulose contributes to a natural matt surface

Warmth of wood

Lower process temperatures

Improved heat deflection temperatures and dimensional stability

The future with Sappi Symbio

The way the world works is changing fundamentally. Development of a sustainable global economy, which permits improving purchasing power and living standards without exhaustion of resources for future generations, requires a fundamental change in attitude.

These shifts mean that we are recalibrating our approach to issues of commerce, community and consumption, focusing more intensely on the use and regeneration of our natural resources.

On ecological grounds, preferred products should be those that are based on photosynthetic CO2 fixation. The benefit of these sustainable resources is that they can be regrown within the foreseeable future, without negative side-effects on global biodiversity.

Therefore, competitive products based on renewable resources need to be developed that have high quality, show excellent technical performance, and cause less harm to the environment than current products based on petrochemical materials. In 3DforScience we are proud to participate in this project, and to be able to capture through our 3D animation video this great product that Sappi offers. A unique and innovative product, with multiple applications and benefits.


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