FENSEBIOME™ peptide by Lipotec



Lipotec™ is the Global Center of Expertise for Skin Care of Lubrizol. Lipotec is committed to research, develop and produce innovative ingredients, such as peptides, biotech molecules to botanical extracts and delivery systems.


Achieving a better understanding of the microbiota balance through 3D animation. How the biodiversity of the microbiota promotes a healthier skin. And, a comparison of an urban skin with a healthier skin with more diverse microbiota. Therefore, we developed a 3D model of the skin Electronic Microscopy-like.

Fensebiome™ peptide increase the microbiota diversity of the skin, helping the urban exposed skin to restore original strength and promoting sensitivity. Due thisFensebiome™ peptide makes the skin looks healthier and more natural. Fighting the effects of the urban lifestyle and bringing to a natural state the skin.


Lipotec´s FENSEBIOME™ restore the biodiversity of the skin. Creating a double barrier function reinforcement to restore vulnerable skin to a healthier condition, like in a natural environment. An increasing biodiversity in the skin also helps the skin immune system, avoiding and preventing pathogens microorganisms to colonize the skin.