Drug MoA animation. Why is it so important?

The mechanism of action (MoA) of a drug is a complex concept in pharmacology. It refers to the way drugs act within our bodies to exert their pharmacological effects. Such mechanisms occur at the molecular level and affect cells and other components of the body. Thus it is a challenging term to explain or present to a target audience. Nonetheless, it is essential to conceptually explain this mechanism to promote a drug or technology.

MoA animation videos are videos that visually explain how a drug or device acts within our body to exert its action.

These videos are usually produced by specialized scientific communication agencies such as 3DforScience, on behalf of their clients, which are the pharmaceutical companies that develop and/or sell the drugs.

They make this video with the following objectives:

The audiences for these videos are health care providers, physicians, patients, students, and anyone who wants to learn about a different pathology, product, medical device, or technology.

Drug MoA animation importance

MoA animation videos have been proven to be a successful tool for diverse marketing purposes. And thus, marketing professionals worldwide claim these videos are essential to increase their ROI or Return of Investment.

Including MoA animations on a biotech or pharma website can be beneficial for several reasons. One straightforward reason is that on most web sites, visitors tend to prefer watching a video over reading a long text description.

Video on biotech or pharma websites assist in explaining how a drug works in a visual way, which highly appears to the user.

Whether your target audience is investors, physicians, researchers, or potential partners, the majority of people would rather watch a video than sift through blocks of text to find what they are looking for.

Mechanism of Action (MOA) videos combine different elements such as Voice-Over, powerful graphics, and on-screen text to ensure the message is engaging, clear, and concise.

These scientific videos have a variety of applications. They are often used during face-to-face meetings, such as sales, investor meetings, or conferences.

Finally, the real value of an MoA video is the fact that it digests a complicated story into a compelling narrative, providing a framework of understanding that will engage the viewer and make a strong, lasting impression.