Visual solutions and services to help life science companies in these times

On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic, pushing the threat beyond the global health emergency. Up to date, the coronavirus illness affects over 160 countries and territories, and there are over 175.000 coronavirus cases. According to experts, this threat will continue to rise. This is not only a tremendous hazard to global health but also has a critical economic impact globally.

Within our industry, the outbreak of COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of multiple international events, science fairs, conferences, business meetings, and trips. This supposes a huge impact on the business model of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. As a consequence, the need for finding new approaches to communicating digitally has arisen. In such difficult times it is thus, essential we communicate with each other better than ever.

Conference calls, emails, and virtual meetings have become the only way to communicate. As we only have these means, we need to create impactful content and find resources to explain our product, company or technology compellingly and efficiently. All of this, without losing the essence of the information to be delivered.

Due to our commitment to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, the team of 3DforScience has decided to contribute delivering visual solutions and we will try our best to adapt ourselves to help companies to adapt to the current situation during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Which solutions do we offer?

1- Enhanced digital presentation platform.

Since it has become impossible to present our services face-to-face due to the Covid-19, a powerful digital presentation is a must. Our 3D digital content gives you the possibility of explaining your technology and products to potential investors, partners, and costumers in the most visual way.

Through the use of 3D infographicsscientific illustrations, and medical animation videoswe can create a digital presentation that allows you to present your technology or product at once glance. In just a few seconds, 3D elements permit to explain your technology in a conceptual and eye-catching way. Such elements are key tools to use in conference calls when sharing your desk, as they help you to explain that words cannot.

We can create an interactive presentation in which all your documents can be accessed within one click.

Through 3D interactive content, it is possible to resemble your molecule of interest, antibody or medical device. This allows you to present such elements interactively and show your molecule or device from all its angles, zoom it, show its composition and layered elements, and even add informative pop-ups.

2- Digital elements to boost the information within your email.

Most companies will continue to communicate through emails. As a consequence, the number of emails sent will significantly increase, thus we need means to make the information contained within the email efficient and impactful.

Emails need to be as visual as possible, which can be achieved through the use of infographics, impactful images, and illustrations. Most importantly, they need to be concise despite the fact that emails will be one of the only means to communicate.

In 3DforScience, we will create a link that you will be able to share with all your clients. Through this link, the user will access to a free platform in which explanatory videos in high quality about your technology or MOA will be found. In this way, you will be able to show the client all the information you wish in just a few seconds, and with only one link.

We can also create a PDF digital presentation to showcase all your technology, and again all you will need to do is share the link to your target.

3- Website subpage to gather all your information.

Imagine having a subpage of your site that showcases all the content you want to show to your clients, partners and potential investors. In 3DforScience we created a solution where you can find everything you need. From the paper of your new research to a MOA video displaying such research. Loops of the molecule of interest and interactive 3D content, that the visitor or you will be able to interact with. This allows you to have all the important information at once glance without having to go through different windows or lose time in finding the information you want to share.

Our solution will be the perfect tool for you to use during call conferences when sharing your desk, allowing you to have all the information you want to explain in just one page. You will also be able to share such a platform through email- and again everything you will need is just a link!

4- Virtual meetings.

Virtual events are virtual spaces that mimic trade shows, wherein with only a device thousands of attendants can interact simultaneously. They are the perfect solution to these times in which face-to-face meetings are not possible, allowing participants to interact in the most similar way to reality as possible: 3D technology of the virtual world applied to the business world.

In 3DforScience we will create a unique web domain to present your products to the public through the web as if it was a real scientific trade show! Virtual attendants will visualize your stand in 3D. And just like in real life you will be able to show corporate images and videos presenting your new technology within the stand. The user will have the possibility to click on these contents and see them in detail, with general information, questions, and answers at the reception.

At 3DforScience, we are specialized in visual communication for the life science sector. We are a passionate team of scientists, marketers, artists, and animators with a shared aim: to help you improve your way of communicating science and looking for new connections. We do so by creating unique personalized solutions as medical animation videos or scientific illustrations, among others.