Dermatology showreel 2020

Jul 7, 2020 | Marketing

This showreel is a selection of some of our 3D medical animation work focused on the dermatology field.

Through medical animation, we take you on an immersive journey, exploring the biological processes involved in the development of skin conditions and how cutting-edge dermo-cosmetics work.

Skin is the largest organ in the human and indeed a very complex one. We have visualized the skin on several occasions and explained a significant number of skin conditions, treatments, dermo-cosmetics, and anti-aging agents.

The skin alongside with hair, nails, glands, and nerves, is part of the integumentary system. This system acts as a protective barrier between the outside and the inside of the body.

dermatology showreel 3DforScience

Layers of the skin

The epidermis is the top, visible layer of skin, and it is constantly being renewed as dead skin cells are shed on a daily basis. The main functions of the epidermis include: making new skin cells, giving skin its color, and protecting the skin.

The dermis is the middle layer of the skin, found underneath the epidermis. It is the thickest layer of the skin and contains nerves and blood vessels. It is also home to the sweat glands, oil glands, and hair follicles. The dermis gives the skin its flexibility and strength. It is made up mostly of a protein called collagen that makes skin stretchy and strong.

The hypodermis, also called subcutaneous fat, is the deepest layer of the skin. This layer is made up mostly of fatty tissue, which helps to insulate the body from heat and cold. The hypodermis also serves as an energy storage area for fat.

We have collaborated with large companies in the world of cosmetics and dermatology, such as Lipotec™ and Praxis.

dermatology showreel for medical companies

3D skin animation by 3DforScience

Through 3D animation videos, we visualize in a more efficient way treatment, pathologies, medicines, medical devices, and an endless number of procedures that sometimes words cannot explain. You can see a project of our 3D skin animations in our blog.

Thanks to our team of scientists, graphic designers, and animators, we have developed this set of videos, adding value to the brand and product.

In our work, we mix reality with 3D elements to create an innovative video, showcasing everything about the products and the uses that they have.

dermatology showreel 3DforScience

In 3DforScience, we pride ourselves on guaranteeing scientific accuracy, thanks to our in-house scientists and pharmacists specialized in immunology, biotechnology, pharmacology, and biomedical sciences. Our mission is to provide illustrative content and visual solutions for Life Science and Healthcare industries. We achieve this through 3D animation videos, Virtual Reality, and interactive production to enhance the clients’ health and marketing communications.

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